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Create a Festive Outdoor Holiday Dining Space with these Residential Pergola Tips

holiday decorated residental pergola

Interior gathering areas feel a little cramped around the holidays? Like the partridge in the pear tree, spread your wings and fly outdoors, extending your usable space with a festively festooned residential pergola addition.

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful
No matter how frightful the weather may be, topping your outdoor living or dining area with an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola allows you to get into the spirit of the holiday season without worry. Standing up to heavy winds and snow loads and providing leak-free rain protection on-demand, the Arcadia provides the perfect environment for family and friends to enjoy the holiday at your home. Fully compatible with fire feature additions, decked out with infrared patio heaters, or providing respite from the cold with motorized curtains and screens, all will remain merry and bright beneath its shelter.

What a Bright Time, It’s the Right Time to Rock the Night Away
With the darker ambiance of the winter season, lighting is a must. Ensure adequate lighting with built-in dimmable lighting additions to your customizable Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola. Then, step-up your game for the holidays with holiday string lights along posts and around windows. Pair with or without garland, carefully avoiding the operational components of your pergola. For a traditional feel, fill up vintage or new holiday lanterns with battery-operated LEDs, placing them tabletop or along walkways. Then, set the ambiance with holiday music via outdoor-rated Bluetooth speakers tucked out-of-sight amongst decorations.

Trim up the Tree
Make your home look like Whoville with holiday-inspired décor for adults and kids alike, including North-pole-inspired gift and toy box holiday decorating additions for children and festive garland, wreaths, and lighting for all. For larger spaces with good lighting, potted evergreens such as arborvitae add authentic holiday flare. For smaller rooms, a grouping of tabletop trees in varying heights adds a similar touch.

I Sure Do Like those Christmas Cookies, Sugar
Set up a craft station for the young and young-at-heart, featuring easy mini pom-pom ornaments, antler headbands, or a cookie decorating station. Outdoors there’s little need to worry about the mess! Not the crafty type? Put out a few games and holiday puzzles instead.

But Maybe Just a Half a Drink More… Put Some Records On While I Pour
A sleek rolling cart can be transformed magically into a self-serve bar, making the perfect holiday centerpiece, particularly when stocked with eggnog, hot buttered rum, cider, hot cocoa, coffee, and tea, alongside glasses and accompaniments. Pair with appetizers or desserts for pre/post-dinner snacking.

Later On, We’ll Conspire, as We Dream by the Fire
Draw family and friends together to the warmth and ambiance of a crackling fire, wrapping-up your evening fireside with marshmallows for roasting and hot drinks. With a lightweight, fully-extruded aluminum construction, the Arcadia is compatible with any festive fire addition, from small gas-powered fire pits to large wood burning fireplace centerpieces. Short on seating? Multifunctional poufs and festive, holiday-themed cushions, pillows and throw blankets displayed in baskets or crates fireside ensure no shortage of seating.
Be home for Christmas beneath shelter you can count on. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more about adding your customized outdoor living space addition before the holidays today.

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Pergolas Among Hot New Trends in Restaurant & Hospitality

commercial adjustable pergolaLooking for new ways to maximize your outdoor real estate? Among the hottest new trends in the resort and hospitality market, commercial pergolas deliver. Offering guests a more comfortable outdoor seating option to stay, relax, socialize, and spend at your establishment, Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas extend outdoor seating year-round, providing protection from inclement weather, shelter from the sun, or opening to increase ventilation and reveal beautiful sky views.

A Hot Feature at Leading Restaurant and Hospitality Trade Shows
When experienced in exhibits for commercial architects, designers, and developers, hoteliers, hospitality entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, and product suppliers, Arcadia adjustable roofs generate amazing feedback. A favored exhibit, it’s easy to see first-hand the appeal of dining and relaxing under the Arcadia and the benefits an adjustable louvered roof system presents. Professionals leave impressed with the technology and design of the system, particularly when under the automobile sunroof-style prowess of the Arcadia Slide.

Maximum Return on Investment With A Pergolas
Engineered to adapt to all types of weather conditions from rain and heavy snow to high winds, sun, and brutal seaside weather, the one-of-a-kind luxury of Arcadia louvered roofs make a low-maintenance addition to any business, offering additional usable space, increasing guest ticket prices, and offering options for rental space for private events such as business meetings, holiday parties, weddings, and more, providing a rapid return on investment.

Perfect for an Array of Hospitality Settings
Offering a controlled outdoor environment complete with customized options such as built-in lighting, fans, and patio heaters, Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas are perfect for…

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Entryways
  • Balconies
  • Verandas
  • Lanais
  • Courtyards
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Swimming & Spa Areas

    Customized to Seamlessly Blend Into Your Architecture or Outdoor Setting
    Available in single and multi-zone systems in any size, Arcadia pergolas can be custom designed to your exact requirements no matter how unique or eccentric, offering an array of options to match your architecture or blend into any outdoor setting. Choose from customized colors, faux wood wrap, decorative columns, and custom end cuts, alongside functional features to keep guests comfortable and relaxed, regardless of weather, such as motorized screens and solar shades, privacy curtains/walls, built-in decorative lighting, and outdoor cooling and heating options from simple ceiling fans and patio heaters to impressive water and fire features.

    Looking for a cure for the hospitality blahs? Add some excitement to your venue with an adjustable aluminum pergola with all the trimmings from Denver Pergola Systems today.

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A Commercial Pergola Can Boost Your Revenue with Year-Round Outdoor Dining

outdoor dining under a commercial pergola.jpgTime for an update? The National Restaurant Association recommends restaurants, lounges, cafes, and coffeehouses refresh their décor every 5-7-years to ensure fresh, modern feel. But don’t sell your business short – next time you embark on an update, look beyond your 4 interior walls, boosting your seating and your bottom line by adding a year-round commercial pergola to your business’ outdoor area.

Ensure Year-Round Use, Topping Off Outdoor Seating with an Adjustable Pergola
Overcome unpredictable weather with an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, dialing-in just the right amount of sun or shade for patrons and sealing out the rain with ease with 170-degrees of rotational flexibility. With versatile shelter, you can use your patio space season-to-season, year-round, maintaining consistency in comfort levels and ambiance, while reducing staff maintenance needs with complete precipitation protection. Instantly adjust via remote or iLouver smart device-driven operation, adding rain or wind sensors for automated response. Concerned about your brand image? Customized Arcadia louvered pergola systems are easily designed to align with your space and your brand. Available in an array of complementary colors, wraps, and trims, and topped-off with built-in lighting, fans, patio heaters, motorized screens, and other accessories, you can create a streamlined transition between indoor and outdoor dining areas, drawing added customer attention with your new outdoor addition and look.

Put Wasted Space to Work By Making Your Patio or Deck Seating a Dining Experience
Patio dining space generally provides a quick return on investment, not only increasing seating capacity but raising ticket prices as customers feel more comfortable and relaxed, inspiring them to order more drinks and food. For an exclusive feel, attract guests to your new addition with a special ‘patio only’ menu of unique food and beverages that varies by season: Hot, steaming entrees and drinks for cool winter’s nights and chilled frozen fare when summer sizzles. Treating patio diners on-par with those in your main dining area with a dedicated patio staff and (when necessary) additional kitchen help ensures success, keeping patrons from feeling overlooked and putting them center-stage.
Become a top dining destination. Draw new clientele with the winning advertisement of a happily active patio. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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Maximize the use of your outdoor living area

outdoor living with a pergola

The cooler weather of fall is rapidly approaching. Is your outdoor living area ready for this seasonal shift? Just a few small changes can help you expertly manage the transition…

Get Ready for Shorter Days with Additional Lighting
Add functionality and ambiance with a variety of lighting for your pergola installation, from scenic string lights and hanging lanterns perfect for sipping wine on a cool fall evening, to built-in track and pot light additions for outdoor cooking and dining tasks.

Enjoy the Crisp Fall Air Beneath a Cozy Throw
When the sun goes down and temperatures drop, take advantage of the warmth of scattered blankets and throws without leaving the comfort of your cushy outdoor seat. Toss a few colorful quilts or cozy wool throws nearby, topping off the arms and backs of seating with bundles of blankets.

Warm Up Next to the Glow of a Fire
The perfect spot for gathering or toasting marshmallows, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit addition will quickly become a coveted cool weather destination. Start off the season fresh with a complete cleaning, then stock your fire feature with fuel, surrounding it with seasonal décor such as pumpkins, gourds, berries, and hurricane lamps and lanterns.

Add a Touch of Seasonal Flair
Switch up the accessories in your outdoor living space, creating a whole new ambiance with the addition of autumn-toned browns, golds, and burnt oranges. Add these shades via the simple swap of throw pillows, area rugs, flowers and foliage.

Extend the Outdoor Living Season
Make the most of the outdoor living season with the addition of an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola. Customize your outdoor experience with 170-degrees of louver adjustment, dialing-in the perfect amount of sun, shade, or rain shelter with the flick of a button, further accessorizing your pergola with built-in lighting, infrared patio heaters, and motorized curtains for warmth, creating a cozy fall respite.

Maximize your fall porch and patio time. Customize your outdoor living experience, ensuring comfort each and every season with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Draw the Family Together Under Your Pergola with a Fire Pit Addition

fire feature and a pergolaSullen kids ignoring you for their favored smart device? Add a little sizzle to your evening routine with an outdoor fire pit addition next to your pergola pool, spa, outdoor kitchen or patio. The enchanting flames of a fire draw in a crowd like no other, creating a sense of destination your family won’t be able to resist. Trade you that “iThing” for a s’mores?

Tips for Fire Pit Placement
Fire pits are long on charm – just make sure they’re not short on safety:

  • Check local codes.
    City/county/HOA regulations often dictate fire pit placement and fuel types. Be sure to check with these organizations before making any fire pit investment.
  • Ensure adequate space.
    7-feet of space surrounding all edges of your fire pit is a good rule-of-thumb to allow movement of furniture and foot traffic. Too much space is better than too little.
  • Keep fires contained with hardscaping.
    A non flammable surface beneath your fire pit such as brick, pavers, or concrete can help keep flying embers in check. Prefer the natural look? Dig your fire pit in and surround it with gravel to keep stray sparks contained.
  • Keep foliage far away.
    Install your fire pit a safe distance from tall foliage.
  • Watch wind direction.
    Consider prevailing winds and how they will affect spectator comfort.
  • Build-in permanent seating.
    Permanent seating ensures adult and pint-sized spectators remain a safe distance from dancing flames. If built-in seating isn’t practical, opt for larger heavier furnishings, which prevent children from scooting too close, ensuring breathing room for the fire.
  • Consider a custom addition.
    While low-cost fire pits are available from big box stores, your local landscaper may be able to devise a safer, custom fire pit solution for your outdoor living area for less than you think. It could pay to make a few calls before investing for a pit that’s a better fit.

Rainy Night? We’ve Got You (& Your Fireplace) Covered
With the addition of an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, rain and snow don’t have to put out the flames of your family’s fireside activities. Safely top your fire pit with the fully extruded aluminum structure of the Arcadia, sealing out rain and snow, or opening up to reveal sky views. Dial-in the ideal comfort and circulation setting with a quick iLouver app-driven smartphone or remote control adjustment, with 170-degrees of rotation at your fingertips.

Don’t fall into the same old dinner and ‘screen time’ routine. Step things up a notch. Uncover a new era of outdoor living with the addition of a fire pit beneath your Arcadia aluminum pergola. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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8 Clever New Patio Ideas To Incorporate With Your Pergola

patio pergola

Looking for new ways to reinvent your outdoor space? Whether your deck or patio is large or small, we’ve got an array of ideas to help you bring it to life. Even if you don’t currently have a pergola installed, you can still spruce up your patio so it ROCKS!

Get in ‘the Zone’

Zoning your outdoor space with the careful arrangement of furniture is a great way to designate entertainment areas. How can you help your space multitask? Situate a large, cushy sofa facing a TV. Section-off your dining space, placing a table set atop an oversized area rug. Situate four multipurpose cushion stools around a checkers or chessboard. Hang a hammock screened by large potted plants for a separate relaxation zone. Any way you slice up your space, zoning is a tremendous way to maximize available square footage no matter your patio size.
Think Creatively When it Comes to Seating

When it comes to outdoor living, often times you have to get creative to have the amenities you need nearby, but not exposed. This is where multipurpose seating such as storage ottomans and chest-style seating shine, multitasking as a place to stash your stuff. Tired of the same-old seating fare? Think beyond the typical wicker and rattan configurations, using seating as a design element by choosing uniquely shaped arrangements: Let the arms of a circular sofa curl around your guests, invite them to cuddle up in a bowl-chair, or add an interesting yet functional conversation piece with an artificial grass sofa or chair set.

Take Your Greenery to New Heights
Living greenery walls can quickly transform even the most barren outdoor space into a lush garden. In many different styles from full wall hanging systems to picture-frame-like plant holders, glass terrariums and simple clay pots, the sky is (quite literally) the limit.

As long as you keep the gutters as well as the louvered pergola motors free from obstruction, climbing plants are a great addition to any Arcadia pergola.

Add Warmth and Ambiance with a Fire Feature
Many of today’s most popular patio additions feature festive fire features, from full-sized, stone-encased wood burners to small, portable propane-powered gas fireplace tables and modern fire pits.

Open a Window
Outdoor living area share a wall with your kitchen? Add or make use of an existing window, turning it into a multifunctional feature: Open it to your deck or patio, creating a pass-through for beverages and food. Place a small countertop and stool-style seating just beneath it, turning the space into a simple bar.

Think Beyond the Grill
Instead of leaving your grill as a lonely fixture amidst your outdoor accoutrements, create a more functional cooking area by surrounding it with a permanent prep space. Then, add a cohesive feel with a simple outdoor dining set and area rug addition.

Add Indoor Tech… Outdoors

With an outdoor-rated flat screen TV and cozy sectional seating arrangement, enjoying the football season outdoors in high-comfort.
Beat the Weather
Whether it’s a hot and sunny summer afternoon, cool fall’s day, or rainy spring morning, indulge in the outdoors in comfort with the addition of an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola. Dial-in just the right amount of sun or shade, increase circulation, or seal out rain with the touch of a button, eking out every last minute of the outdoor season.

Discover a whole new world of outdoor living design. Contact Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Kick Stress to the Curb: Turn Your Backyard Into the Ultimate Chill Zone with these 10 Tips

Stressed out and yearning for a space where you can finally put your feet up and relax? Give stress the boot, grabbing a cold, frosty beverage and dipping your toes into one of these 10 outdoor chill zones for your deck, patio, or yard…

  1. Have a Glass on Your Private Bistro.
    Grab a glass of wine or enjoy a quiet dinner al fresco, rain or shine, adjusting to changing weather on-demand with the quick, remote control or iLouver app adjustment of your Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola.
  2. Take a Nap.
    Create an outdoor living space surrounding a cushy outdoor daybed or sofa, adding curtains or motorized screens to your adjustable aluminum pergola to block the glare of the sun and add a touch of privacy.
  3. Hang Out.
    Kick back and relax in a classic hammock, taking a winter nap with the louvers open to bask in the warmth of the sun, or closing them for shade on a warm summer’s day.
  4. Sway Your Worries Away.
    Indulge your inner child, swinging your worries away on a hanging chair with a stand beneath the shelter of your pergola.
  5. Indulge in a Good Book.
    Curl up in your private reading nook, tucked away in the corner of your private patio or garden space.
  6. Take on a Tropical Getaway.
    Hideaway in the tropics without ever leaving your backyard, creating a resort-like oasis with large, lush tropical foliage carefully selected for your climate. Pair with a relaxing water feature to drown out city noises, kicking back on a hammock, chaise, or swing.
  7. Elevate Yourself.
    Even city dwellers need an escape. Turn your balcony or rooftop space into a terrific retreat, incorporating lush, green living walls and container planters for privacy and noise control, around a cute café table set or blanket-covered outdoor futon for lounging.
  8. Escape to Your Secret Garden.
    Create a secret space just for you, tucked away in a private corner of your yard. Surround with native grasses and lush, flowering bushes for privacy, adding motorized curtains or screens for the times when you simply must fly solo.
  9. Let the Bubbles Take You Away.
    Take in the warmth of the sun or indulge in the cool summer breeze, sipping your favorite beverage in your outdoor bath.
  10. Lounge Poolside.
    Put the lime in the coconut and lounge poolside, opening louvers wide to indulge in the sun, or closing louvers to relax in the shade beneath the fan of your remote control Arcadia aluminum pergola.

Need to get away? Look no farther than your backyard. Create a space that’s a true escape with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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