Ways to Extend Being Outside in the Fall

residential pergola-2Looking for ways to make the most of your time outdoors as the weather turns cooler? We have some ideas for you!  Take full advantage of all the fall season has to offer with these tips from the outdoor living experts at Denver Pergola Systems.

Host a Fall Party by the Fire

Invite friends and family to enjoy the crisp fall air. Create a cozy feel with festive gold and orange-toned throw blankets and pillows. Relax around your fire pit, enjoying conversation while indulging in autumn-inspired goodies like spiced cider and pumpkin muffins, or a classic spread of wine and cheese.

Treat Your Inner Foodie

Break out the patio heaters, treating yourself and your closest friends and family members to an intimate outdoor meal by candlelight or luminary. Create the latest recipe from your favorite cooking show in your outdoor kitchen, or splurge on takeout from your favorite area restaurant.

Share the Love in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Support your local farmer by visiting an area U-pick farm with friends or family. Take your bounty back to your outdoor kitchen, making an annual event out of turning fall food treatures into cherished treats such as apple jelly, hot cider, and pie. Plan your trip and baking endeavors in advance, ensuring ample canning tools or take-home cookware.

Reconnect with Your Inner Child

Reconnect with your inner child and your children, enjoying s’mores over top of a small, gas-burning outdoor fire pit. Portable models are affordable and easy to tote in or out of your outdoor living space as weather changes.

Indulge in the Classics

Host holiday-themed movie nights into the winter season, taking out your pop-up screen projector or enjoying your outdoor TV in the dark. Cuddle up and enjoy holiday classics such as Halloween, Dutch, Miracle on 34th Street, or for the man in your life – Die Hard. Don’t forget the snacks!

Enjoy a Good Book

Create a cozy reading space with sheepskins, lush throws, and large pillows, indulging in a hot chocolate and good book by the fire.

Don’t miss out on a single second outdoors. Extend the outdoor living season with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Extend Your Home with a Deck and a Pergola

pergola addition-2The right pergola could be a game-changer for the functionality of your home. Carefully designed, it can provide the added space your family needs for daily life, and serve as the perfect backdrop for family barbecues, birthdays, and holiday celebrations.

Tips for Designing the Ideal Outdoor Space

  • Set the Stage with the Right Hues
    To create a harmonious transition from indoors to out, choose color tones for decking and furnishings that complement your home’s color palette. Pro tips for the perfect combination include:
    • Selecting a tone for your deck that contrasts interior floors.
    • Pairing deck tones with that of your home’s exterior siding.
    • Choosing surfaces that will resist heat and fading, such as gray and light browns.
    • Splurging on low-maintenance, durable finishes. Finishes that will not require frequent repainting, staining or sealing allow you to spend more time relaxing outdoors (rather than performing maintenance duties).


  • Open the Door to Added Living Space
    Blur boundaries with doors that allow you to transform your living space and open up views instantly. Which door setup is best for your design?
    • Classic – French Doors
      The classic lines of French doors provide a 6-foot opening. Designer note: Be mindful of compensating for door swing in your design.
    • Modern – Multi-Slide Doors
      These doors slide open in different directions, depending on your needs.
    • Expansive Views – Bi-Fold Doors
      Bi-fold doors stack to allow for expansive, uninterrupted views. However, you’ll require a 9-ft storage spot for stacked doors.


  • Add Shelter to Maximize Enjoyment & Use of the Space
    Without adequate shelter, weather can quickly put an end to outdoor activities. Flexible shelter is paramount to the usefulness of your outdoor living addition. Integrating a multifunctional, sleek StuXture adjustable aluminum pergola allows you to enjoy your outdoor space in any weather. Open louvers take full advantage of the sun’s warmth, dial-in the perfect amount of shade, or fully close louvers for complete precipitation protection with the click of a remote control or swipe of a smartphone.


  • Create Rooms
    Mimic interior design, creating an outdoor layout with designated cooking, dining, and living areas to meet your family’s unique interests and needs. Today’s most popular outdoor living additions include:
    • Fully functional outdoor kitchen, complete with grill, cooktop, smoker, fridge, sink, storage, and more.
    • Cozy living area with built-in seating, cushy chairs and pillows, and rugs for comfort.
    • Football or movie zone with outdoor TV or pop-up projector screen additions.
    • Outdoor bath or spa retreat.
    • Private reading nook.
    • Workout zone for adults.
    • Customized play area for the kids.


  • Don’t Overlook Essential Details
    Avoid cookie-cutter selections, personalizing your outdoor living design with custom features including built-in lighting, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, retractable screens and curtains, and more. These essential accessories allow you to extend outdoor enjoyment into the evening and throughout each season, maximizing your outdoor living investment.   Blend your outdoor design seamlessly into your home with custom pergola colors and trim, including corbel ends, architectural columns, faux wood wraps, and more, creating a space ideally suited to your family and home.

Running out of room? Set the stage for a space that is an irresistible extension of your home with the help of the outdoor living experts at Denver Pergola Systems. Create a multifunctional outdoor space as stunning as the interior of your home. Contact our design professionals to learn more today.

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Now’s the Time to Add an Outdoor Pergola Addition!

pergola additionWhile most homeowners are battening down the hatches for the upcoming winter season, savvy homeowners are already looking towards next summer. They understand now is the ideal time to plan the outdoor pergola addition for an outdoor space their family will enjoy next season.

Why is Fall the Ideal Time for an Outdoor Pergola Addition?

Home designers and industry insiders are already forecasting the hottest outdoor living trends for the coming year. Beginning an outdoor living addition in the fall offers clever homeowners the chance to take advantage of these latest ideas and product offerings. The advanced planning allows for the creation of a truly unique and jaw-dropping Pergola addition that will be the envy of the neighbors in the coming spring and summer season. Because the design process for a detailed, customized outdoor living addition takes time, planning and scheduling, it is essential to begin the creation of your new outdoor space in the fall.

What Outdoor Living Trends Are Standing Out for the Coming Season?

  • Outdoor Kitchens
    Goodbye, lonely patio grill. Today’s outdoor spaces are sporting fully-furnished kitchens with features such as burners, pizza ovens, griddles, sinks, refrigerators, bar stations, outdoor pantries, dishware storage, and hidden trash compartments.
  • Deck, Porch & Patio Combos
    Can’t decide between a deck or patio? Why not go for both? Complex spaces that combine decks, porches, and patios are the latest trend in outdoor living space designs. This design not only creates a luxury feel and fascinating profile but gives homeowners multiple ways to make use of and enjoy outdoor space.
  • Interesting Deck Designs
    Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill rectangular deck designs. Today’s outdoor living spaces are sporting unique shapes like curves and polygons.
  • Multi-Level Spaces
    Elevated decks are coming to the forefront, with classic 2-story outdoor areas featuring a sundeck above and deck or porch below. In single-story designs, raised dining areas and lowered seating areas are defining spaces to create amazing new backyard profiles.
  • High-Tech Shelter
    Instead of being stuck with fixed roof profiles as in years passed, today’s outdoor shelter is multifunctional and high-tech. StruXture adjustable aluminum pergolas lead the industry in cutting-edge pergola design, allowing homeowners to take advantage of the outdoors in any weather scenario. Open up louvers to fully indulge in the sun, adjust to deliver the perfect amount of shade, or close to seal out rain and snow. With so many accessories  the customization possibilities are nearly limitless.
  • Stonework
    Stone accent walls and columns, stone fireplace surrounds, and other masonry features are increasingly making their way into today’s outdoor living designs.
  • Reclaimed Materials
    Historic touches like reclaimed barn wood and authentic bourbon barrels are being integrated into outdoor furnishings, creating unique, more personalized outdoor spaces.

Don’t let the coming outdoor living season pass you by. Seize the day and enjoy the outdoors. Contact a designer at Denver Pergola Systems and devise your dream outdoor living space today.


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Tips for Planning an Outdoor Thanksgiving Celebration

residential pergoal in the fallMild autumn weather offers a wonderful opportunity for an outdoor Thanksgiving gathering. Rather than being crowded within the confines of your home, an outdoor Thanksgiving event gives you more room to spread out and enjoy your celebration with family and friends. How can you ensure outdoor Turkey Day festivities go off without a hitch?

Plan Your Menu and Seating In Advance 

Rather than waiting until the day of the event, prepare your tables and seating setup in advance. Consider all the options that might work for your outdoor space. This could be one or two large tables or several small tables. A buffet set up, drink, and dessert stations are another option to tabletop fare. Decide on tableware and centerpieces, assembling and storing them nearby for quick setup Thanksgiving morning. Decide on the menu you will be providing, and whether you’ll be delegating any cooking tasks to family and friends.

Be Prepared for Weather-Related Snafus

The last thing you want is to be squeezing diners into an unprepared home due to off-weather on Turkey Day. Create a welcoming dining space regardless of the weather with the help of your Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola. Our state of the art systems allow you to accommodate outdoor dining year-round, providing the perfect place to enjoy a holiday meal and relax with family and friends. Should unexpected weather take your Thanksgiving event by surprise, a quick adjustment to pergola louvers ensures a comfortable, drip-free dining experience. When the weather clears, reopen your louvers and let the sunshine in on your event.

Do Some of the Cooking 1-2 Days Before the Event

Lighten your Thanksgiving load, freeing up oven and cooktop space the day of the main event by beginning some cooking tasks a day or two in advance. Side dishes like mashed potatoes, casseroles, and many desserts are easily made ahead and stowed in the fridge in oven-friendly containers.

Watch the Clock on the Big Day

Get your turkey into the oven, ensuring plenty of time to rest before dining.  Reheat vegetables and side dishes made the day before to serve alongside your turkey. Before guests arrive, tackle and last-minute setup and décor to-dos.

Stop sweating the holiday seating arrangements. Spread out and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday outdoors beneath the comfort of an StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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Fall Back: Pergola Lighting for Darker Days

Ambient LightingDaylight savings time is rapidly drawing to a close. Is your outdoor living space outfitted for the change? Illuminate your yard with a brightly lit StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola, helping your patio shine beneath these brilliant pergola lighting additions.

6 Ways to Illuminate Your StruXture Adjustable Aluminum Pergola

  • Task Lighting

    • Built-In LED Lights
      Recessed ‘pot lights’ are a sleek addition to your StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola, delivering brilliant task lighting to your outdoor living space. Paired with advanced LED bulb technology, they offer added functionality.  Dim bulbs, alter bulb color, or time illumination. Programmable via smartphone operation or Alexa/Siri/Google voice command, enjoy multiple outdoor options, ensuring adequate light for cooking, setting the mood for a romantic dinner, or adding a fun and colorful ambiance to outdoor events.
    • Ceiling Fan with Lighting
      An outdoor ceiling fan with built-in lighting is an excellent addition to any outdoor living space. Multifunctional, they provide year-round task lighting and relief from the heat in the summer. Like LED bulbs, many of today’s outdoor ceiling fan options offer remote control or smart operation for ease-of-use.
  • Ambient Lighting

    • Rope Lights
      Rope or strip lights in a single shade such as red or blue can lend an otherworldly glow to your outdoor living space. Carefully tuck them around the perimeter of your pergola for an out-of-this-world ambiance.
    • Fairy Lights or Curtain Lights
      The soft glow of fairy lights adds a welcoming ambiance within and without the pergola space. Easily installed, choose from solar and electric with remote control options, including light sequencing and color-changing features. Carefully suspend on pergola beams, taking care lights do not interfere with the rotation of pergola louvers.
    • Outdoor Chandeliers
      Over an outdoor dining table where height isn’t a concern, a wired or battery-powered outdoor LED chandelier or candelabra can create an inviting, romantic atmosphere.
  • Multifunctional Lighting

    • Fireplace or Fire Pit
      Many overlook a fire feature for lighting effects during the darker days of fall and winter. This versatile addition can provide warmth, an inviting ambiance, and depending on fire feature size and proximity, varying levels of illumination. A popular addition for the cooler months, there are many options for a variety of budgets and styles. Choose from large built-in fireplace centerpieces, chimineas ideally suited to corner locales, and affordable and portable gas-powered fire pit tables that are easy to retire in the off-season.

Help your backyard shine year-round. Contact Denver Pergola Systems and learn more about an StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola addition today.

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Get Fit for Less in a Backyard Gym

back yard gymWith just a few key pieces of workout equipment and safe, open backyard space to workout, you can avoid the time-consuming hassle and expense of trekking to the gym. Instead, you can enjoy your workout in the fresh air and sunshine right in your own backyard.

Sanity Saver

With a backyard gym, it’s easier to fit a workout into your hectic schedule. Squeeze in a workout while cooking dinner or watching the kids, getting your blood flowing, and improving your mood. No commute. No membership dues. No fancy workout gear. No waiting on sweaty gym equipment or embarrassment over your skill level. Workout whenever you like, whatever hour of the day or night that works for you, without monopolizing essential space in your home.

Designing an Outdoor Workout Space that Works for You

You don’t need a mammoth sport court to workout in your backyard. You can ensure an outdoor workout space that’ll keep you motivated for years with a few common-sense additions:

  • Shelter
    • Enjoying a workout in any weather is no sweat with an StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola addition. Shelter yourself and your gym equipment, enjoying sun, shade, or leak-free rain protection. Close louvers on demand, pre-program via the iLouver app with your smartphone, or incorporate the latest rain-sensing technology for on-demand response. Our ingeniously-designed gutter system allows you to leave your equipment in play for impromptu workouts.
  • Outdoor Equipment
    •  With the popularity of outdoor exercise, there are many options for larger gym equipment built, from treadmills and elliptical machines to bicycles and rowers. Carefully chosen for your interests, this can make your yard feel like a backyard playground for you and your family. Some additions, such as pull-up/exercise bars, balance beams, and climbing domes, can double as play equipment for your children, providing a healthy dose of outdoor activity
  • Equipment Covers
    • Though your pergola will protect your equipment from the occasional afternoon shower and heat of the sun, it is best to protect your equipment with covers. Equipment covers provide a barrier against dust and dirt between workouts, ensuring equipment is clean for your next workout. Covers also guard against exposure to sideways rain/snow in severe weather.
  • Storage
    • A weatherproof place to safely store yoga mats, bands, free weights, and other miscellaneous workout gear is a must. This equipment will vary based on your workout of choice.
  • Workout-Friendly Flooring
    • The groundcover for your backyard gym should be slip-resistant whether wet or dry and carefully installed to ensure a level surface fit for workouts. Good options include wood decks, patio pavers, and concrete. Depending on activities, you may wish to top these with artificial grass or rubber playground matting.
  • Other Considerations
    • Equipping your pergola with built-in lighting will allow you the freedom to exercise any time of day. If you’re shy or have nosy neighbors, you may also wish to outfit your pergola with motorized privacy screens or curtains.

Don’t sideline your workouts. Reinvest your gym membership into your backyard. Create a backyard gym that keeps you on track with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Traditional vs. Adjustable Shade Structures: What’s the Difference?

Adjustable PergolaWhile the concept of shade structures has remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years, pergola technology has not. In recent years, pergola design has evolved to encompass more than a stick-built structure with an open roof. Today’s pergolas now utilize different structural materials, offering added versatility and infinitely more bells and whistles than their predecessors. What’s the difference between traditional pergolas and modern adjustable aluminum pergolas?

Traditional vs Adjustable Shade Structure Construction

Traditional pergolas, typically constructed of wooden columns and topped with a lattice roof, are not designed to provide 100% protection from the elements. However, modern adjustable aluminum pergolas allow you to open or close the roof based on your desire for sun or shade. With the click of a remote control button or smartphone operation, you can enjoy 170-degrees of adjustability. Open louvers to enjoy the sun, adjust them to the perfect amount of shade later in the day, or close them completely for total rain protection. You’ll never again have to worry about weather robbing you of outdoor living opportunities.

Traditional vs. Adjustable Pergola Versatility

Creating a focal point in your yard or providing shade for your deck or patio, both types of pergolas offer multifunctional use. However, adjustable pergolas deliver far more versatility. Integrating built-in features, modern adjustable aluminum pergolas can:

  • Provide integrated lighting for use day or night.
  • Incorporate ceiling fans, patio heaters, or host a fire pit for seasonal comfort.
  • Integrate motorized privacy curtains or screens for pest protection and privacy.
  • Provide operation from anywhere in your home by remote control or mobile device.
  • Open or close remotely, by time or preset positions, with iLouver app technology.
  • Respond to weather changes on-demand with added rain or wind sensors

Traditional vs. Our Pergola Design Options

While traditional wooden, lattice-topped pergolas do offer some versatility of design in sizing and style, this does not compare with the options available with modern aluminum pergolas. With modern aluminum pergolas, any size pergola addition is possible, including attached or detached single or multi-zone systems. Choose from a cornucopia of custom Akzo Nobel powder coating hues or finishes, including faux wood wrap. Design your pergola to your exact specifications, including decorative columns, corbel ends, and other specialty trim designs. Light and versatile, install them on your porch or patio, within an existing screen enclosure, or on a balcony addition.

Traditional vs. Aluminum Pergola Maintenance & Lifespan

Traditional wooden pergolas require annual staining or painting and will break down over time. However, the fully-extruded aluminum construction of an StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. With a powder-coated finish that withstands sun, rain, chlorine, and saltwater environments, modern aluminum pergolas resist oxidation and corrosion. Simply remove dirt periodically with a bit of soap and water to keep your pergola beautifully clean.

Open up your home to the latest in pergola technology. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more about the StruXture adjustable aluminum pergola today.

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