Extend the Outdoor Dining Season with the Industry’s Best Patio Heaters

commercial pergola with a heaterIs your restaurant losing out on revenue? A comfortable outdoor dining area keeps customers in the seat. Though you’ve already ensured weather protection with an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, this is not enough to ensure comfort in Colorado’s chilly winter climate. To keep customers cozy and within the confines of your venue, the addition of patio heaters to your commercial pergola makes for a wise investment.

How Much Could Patio Heaters Help You Add to Your Bottom Line?

Casual restaurants able to extend the season an additional 15-days with the help of a minimal investment in patio heaters could pull-in an additional $45k in profits given just six 4-top tables and a $25/seat average ticket (10 table turnovers at 50% capacity). Extend the season farther, keeping warmth contained with additional privacy curtains, walls and screens, and further boost your return.

Types of Patio Heaters
Patio heaters come in a variety of styles and fuel types, which affect costs dramatically. Common styles include:

  • Freestanding
    Big, powerful, heavy (but portable), with a refillable compartment for fuel.
  • Mounted/Hanging
    Wall or ceiling-mounted and permanent. Typically electric and remote controlled. No footprint = ideal for a pergola patio cover
  • Tabletop
    Easily movable, electric or propane models.
  • Natural Gas Powered
    Lowest operating cost and ideal for those with access to a natural gas line. Permanent connection eliminates refilling (as with propane).
  • Electric
    Zero emissions. Hard-wired or plug-and-go permanent installation with no refilling of fuel tanks. Moderate operational costs.
  • Propane
    Portable and easy to use and install, but must be frequently refilled. Highest operational cost.

Be sure to calculate BTUs before choosing a patio heater to ensure you’re not paying for more heater (and fuel) than you need.

BTU chart
Hold Your Horses – and Heater Installation
Before you do-it-yourself – take heed. Depending on where you live, there may be legal restrictions on who can install patio heaters, whether they be electric, gas, or propane-powered. For safety and liability, hiring a professional for installation is best.

Extend your outdoor dining season and boost your profit potential. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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Outdoor seating under a commercial pergola

Outdoor seating under a commercial pergola

A full restaurant is an ideal scenario – until you start losing customers to competitors for your known lack of seating. To protect your reputation and keep guests at your establishment where you want them, an outdoor seating area topped with the flexibility of an adjustable commercial pergola makes for a great investment. Providing additional seating space and keeping happy, satisfied customers within the confines of your venue, research has shown patio seating can boost revenue, adding up to 30% in sales.

More than a ‘Fair Weather’ Prospect

With the flexibility of an Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, you can count on your additional outdoor seating space year-round. Instead of losing this coveted space to sun, rain, or snow that can shut down seating for hours or days, cutting into your seating space and profits, with a customized adjustable louvered roof system your establishment can make the most of any weather, opening louvers to take in those rare ‘perfect days,’ rotating to provide partial or total shade, or sealing completely to block out rain and snow that would otherwise send diners dashing for the door.

Comfort in an Instant

Weather change? Dial-in the perfect amount of sun, shade or shelter with remote control or smart-device-driven iLouver app operation, or automate your setup with additional rain and wind sensors. Lighting deficiencies? Create your own custom built-in lighting scheme, from dimmable LED pot lights to Edison-style pendant lighting. Glare issues? Motorized curtains and screens provide shade, pest protection, and privacy. Too cold/warm? Integrated ceiling fans and infrared patio heaters ensure guest comfort even in weather extremes.

The Perfect Marketing Opportunity

Providing a living, breathing advertisement for your restaurant’s popularity, a lively patio not only retains existing customers but attracts additional clientele. How much could an outdoor patio addition add to your bottom line? Casual restaurants earning a $25/seat average could see an additional $45k in return with the addition of just six 4-tops on an added patio space that remains open an additional 15-days of the season (10 table turnovers at 50% capacity), offering an extremely rapid return on your outdoor dining area investment. The longer your patio area remains open beyond this given your investment in increasing guest comfort and ambiance, the more considerable your return.

Ready to extend your seating space and profit potential? Now’s the time to incorporate your outdoor seating addition to take advantage of the favored spring outdoor dining season. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more about how a customized Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola can benefit your business today.

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Reasons to Fork-Out for an Outdoor Workspace & 5 Ways to Pull it Off

Bleak surroundings. Hours under energy-sapping artificial lighting. Constant interruptions from bored/drained coworkers trying to stay conscious. It’s no surprise that 76% of workers polled in a recent survey noted they were more productive when working outside the traditional office environment. Is your company thinking outside the box? Checking off your office to-do list in a nice, sun-dappled, Wi-Fi enabled outdoor workspace makes for a productivity oasis. Here’s how you can pull it off.

Interior Courtyards


If you’re building your own office space, including an interior courtyard in your building design offers an ideal outdoor workspace solution. Highly coveted for the natural light they add to a building, interior courtyards are a great alternative to artificial lighting, which has been proven to negatively impact cortisol (stress) hormone levels. In addition to increasing worker exposure to natural light, a known stress reducer and mood booster, interior courtyard setups also provide a natural source of ventilation and circulation, reducing your carbon footprint and making it easier to heat and cool your office space. Centrally located, interior courtyards are prime real estate to congregate. Unique to other outdoor setups, they provide the outdoor experience, while still remaining contained – ideal for ensuring office security. And there are tons of ways to customize: Go lush with lots of greenery, low-care with containers, or reduce irrigation and maintenance duties with the right pairing of rocks, pebbles, and succulents.

Decks & Balconies

Decks make for an ideal meeting space – a setting that promotes relaxation and positive energy. However, shelter is key to keeping employees from getting burned when the expected meeting excess leads to sun excess. Easily added to offices with prime deck real estate and outdoor air rights, Arcadia adjustable pergolas make for the perfect fit. Lightweight and aluminum, they can be installed in nearly any location, providing flexible shelter for any season of the year with 170-degree and pivoting flexibility. Dial-in just the right amount of sun, shade, or shelter on demand, keeping rain from ruining your monthly review.

Rooftop Gardens

If green office space is in short supply – raise your expectations – to the rooftop! Adding a rooftop garden can really payoff and is a great way to capitalize and improve existing real estate. Like deck and balcony additions, shelter is likewise a necessity in rooftop environs. More than a productivity-boosting outdoor oasis for staff, rooftop gardens offer a host of benefits beyond boosting worker morale, helping control heating and cooling costs and control water runoff, and bringing an amazing return-on-investment via energy savings, rebates and incentives. How hard is it to pull off a rooftop garden? From easy containers and raised bed additions, to more intensive and ecologically-diverse green roofs, there are options to add green to your rooftop space at a variety of levels. Learn how.

Living Walls


Let’s face it, some office spaces, such as those halfway up a high-rise, don’t have the luxury of outdoor or rooftop real estate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of the outdoors in. Living walls  are an easy way to improve the office ambiance and provide a faux outdoor setting, especially when combined with LED lighting options in daylight/sunlight hues. Made of polystyrene and other materials, living walls are typically mounted on the interior or exterior walls of buildings, providing a wall or frame you can plug plants into to create a lush, green space nearly anywhere. Hiring a knowledgeable installer ensures plant compatibility and low-maintenance care.

Does your office pack an outdoor productivity punch? Capitalize on your office space and boost your bottom line with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.

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8 Tips for Enhancing the Customer Experience in Your Restaurant

For veterans of the restaurant industry, it’s a well-known fact the market is shifting. Sales at chain restaurants are dropping, and customers are looking for something different. Not just a quick bite out, but a genuine, authentic dining ‘experience.’


How Can Your Transform Each Transaction into an ‘Experience?’
Like your consumers, you’ll need to shift your focus, thinking beyond the ‘things’ in the transaction (the meat and potatoes) to zoom-in and out on what surrounds those things: The experience. Doing this will help your business stand out to customers and keep them coming back. Zoom-In

  • Think Local
    Consider ways you can infuse the local element into your restaurant atmosphere. Customers prefer to support local businesses, from local restaurants, to locally-sourced food and fare. Noting locally-sourced food and items on a menu or announcement board helps customers connect with the food on their plates, and connect your restaurant with their community. Store local fruits and veggies in plain-sight. Display the works of local artists or pictures featuring regionally-inspired designs. Take advantage of a stellar surrounding landscape with the addition of an outdoor dining space.
  • Be Community-Minded
    Today’s customers are yearning to connect with others and the community. Create a positive persona, supporting or hosting community events during those times when patrons are few. Or add your own events, such as morning yoga or a weekly evening wine and canvas event on your patio or lawn.
  • Get to Know Your Customer
    Envision the type of customer you want to attract and tailor your atmosphere to them. Customers spend their time based on how a place makes them feel.
  • Create a Sense of Belonging
    Customers who feel like they belong will return more often.



  • Enhance Curb Appeal
    Look at your business from a ‘drive-by’ perspective. At glance, does it look interesting, fun, or engaging, inspiring potential patrons to check it out? The exterior of your business is an advertisement for what’s housed within.
  • Think Outside the Box
    Nothing offers an experience like al fresco dining. The ultimate dining trend, festive outdoor locales stimulate the senses, invigorating patrons, and inspiring food and drink indulgences as a means of escape outside the typical weekly monotony. Creating a winning outdoor dining space  gives customers what they want, a connection with Mother Nature, their community, and their food. When incorporated with an adjustable aluminum pergola, customers can consistently receive unfettered access, yet still maintain the respite of sun and rain shelter at the touch of a button.
  • Create an Ambiance
    Instill your restaurant with a cohesive ambiance with a unified, genuine theme. A ‘canned’ atmosphere will not work for those seeking a unique dining experience. Though things like cozy seating, a fireplace centerpiece, an edible garden, or local art display won’t be applicable in every scenario, your aim should be a space with a unified theme, be it in design, mission statement, or idea. Things that spark conversation, interest or ‘buzz’ are ideal.
  • Don’t Sidestep Comfort for Cost
    Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: How long will you stay, and how often will you revisit, a restaurant with the most wobbly, hard, sticky chairs on the planet? If your sole focus is cost, your ‘experience’ will be sorely lacking. Enhance comfort and ambiance with carefully thought-out additions, such as…

    • Comfortable Furnishings
      Warm, inviting, ergonomic furnishings and tasteful tableware showcase your restaurant’s reputation for quality, adding to the experience, upholding the average check, and keeping customers coming back for more.
    • A Mindful Design
      Minimize bad tables and a ruined experience with a careful look at furnishing function and layout, eliminating seating near doorways, the kitchen, and restrooms. Avoid crowding tables or creating serving and traffic snafus.
    • Comfort Control Additions
      The addition of an adjustable aluminum pergola allows your business to make the most of any weather situation, extending patron space and enhancing the experience with 170-degrees of rotational flexibility to provide shade, leak-free rain protection, or sun access and sky view. Integrated rain or wind sensors allow for easy operation on-demand, reducing staff responsibilities, and preventing customers from scrambling when inclement weather hits. Integrated fans create a space that feels up to 30-degrees cooler in the summer heat, and patio heaters and fireplaces provide warmth and ambiance on those chilly fall days. Integrated motorized screens eliminate pest concerns, helping safeguard highly-coveted outdoor dining experiences.


Make the most of all of your available space, indoor and out, creating an amazing dining experience for your clients. Schedule a complimentary design consultation, uncovering winning solutions for your restaurant’s unique brand and space. Contact Denver pergolas today.

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Outdoor Office Space Offers a Wide World of Benefits

Many business owners mistakenly believe improving the landscape of their property only adds aesthetic value. However, the addition of flexible outdoor office, meeting, and dining space offers huge payoffs in both value and utility, far beyond resale and functionality…


Outdoor Office Space Offers a Wide World of Benefits that Often Go Overlooked

  • Fresh Air Boosts Productivity
    A beautiful outdoor space improves employee contentment and productivity. Spending as little as 20 minutes outside daily can reduces stress, boosts memory, encouraging social interaction and a ‘team’ mindset.
  • Time Outdoors Supports Health & Well Being
    It will come as no surprise to most office workers, research has shown being stuck indoors for the entirety of the day has negative mental and physical health effects. Indoor air is known to be toxic – up to 10-times more so than the air outdoors. Could a small investment in an outdoor space help mitigate your company’s ever-rising health insurance costs?
  • A Beautiful Outdoor Space Increases Visual Interest and Foot Traffic
    The visual interest and beauty of well-accomplished outdoor spaces attracts the attention of both clientele and potential employees, showcasing your company’s employee-centric culture.


Regardless of Your Property Type, There are Many Ways to Add an Outdoor Space
Adding life to once devoid space doesn’t require acres of greenery. Outdoor workspace additions can be added just about anywhere…

  • Rooftop or Balcony
    Office located in an urban setting with limited space? You’re not out of luck! Converting your balcony into an outdoor workspace, or transforming your rooftop to a greenspace are an ideal way to maximize square footage. Bonus: Exterior greenery is known for its heating and cooling advantages.
  • Patio or Deckside
    Patio or deck additions on pre-existing concrete or green space are an easy way to add outdoor office space to commercial real estate, doing double-duty as a place to recharge during a snack or meal.
  • Side Yard
    Properties with side yards may seem strangely situated, but such out-of-the-wayside spaces offer an ideal locale for the creation of a private, distraction-free outdoor office setting.
  • Courtyard
    Large, open courtyards offer prime real estate for encompassing outdoor spaces perfect for hosting meetings, or providing a respite for those tired of toiling hours away in crowded cubicles.


More than a Fold Out Table & Chair Set
For employees to gain the full benefits of an outdoor workspace, comfort and function are key. When devising your outdoor office space addition, don’t overlook the importance of…

  • Location
    A gray, drab, concrete outdoor office space won’t offer much solace or inspiration. For a true outdoor oasis you need greenery.
  • Amenities
    In today’s mobile environment, electrical and Wi-Fi access are not a nicety, but a necessity, as is adequate lighting.
  • Ergonomic Furnishings
    Comfortable, ergonomic tables and chairs reduce muscle strain.
  • Shelter
    Rain on a picnic is one thing, rain on expensive office laptops or paper notes another. Keep employees cool, comfortable, and protected with the Arcadia aluminum pergola. Its unique, louvered roof construction offers the unique capacity to provide full access to the sun, or with a quick adjustment, shade and leak-free rain protection. Add wind and rain sensing technology for automatic response, designing your pergola system for seamless integration into any architectural design.
  • Creature Comforts
    Adding fans can help your outdoor office space feel as much as 30-degrees cooler in summer weather, and inexpensive infrared patio heaters offer an efficient means of warmth on chilly days. The addition of motorized screens to your pergola can also reduce eye strain from glare, as well as keep pests at bay.
  • Convenience
    Adding simple items like a wastebasket, coffee maker or mini-fridge can reduce time-wasting trips back into the office.


Interested in adding an outdoor office space to your home or commercial property? Check out the convenient ‘how-to’ guide on our blog, or contact Denver Pergolas to schedule a design consultation today.


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More Bang for Your Business Buck: Durability of the Aluminum Arcadia Louvered Pergola System

People love pergolas. Beautiful and functional, they flock to their shelter. Despite depending on the protection of pergolas, however, they are loathe to care for them in-return, wishing for structures that require zero-maintenance yet withstand the tests of time. In a perfect world, everything would last forever, with little-to-no maintenance. In the real world, though impossible, you can reduce your need to constantly maintain or frequently replace by mindfully selecting your pergola materials…

What Materials Reduce Pergola Maintenance & Increase Pergola Lifespan?

  • Fully Extruded Aluminum
    Strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds, yet lightweight enough for rooftop and balcony additions, every component of the Arcadia is comprised of high-tensile, fully-extruded aluminum. Unlike roll-form aluminum, wood, and fabric/canvas pergola components, you are saved from cleaning and sealing, as well as weather-wear, warping or cracking, by choosing durable, fully-extruded aluminum construction over other, shorter-lived pergola options.
  • Akzo Nobel Powder Coating
    Industry-leading AkzoNobel powder coatings protects your pergola purchase from sun, rain, salt water, chlorine and air, preventing oxidation and corrosion and virtually eliminating the maintenance needs associated with more traditional shelter structures. Available in an array of custom colors, it is specially formulated to reflect solar radiation, helping keep patrons cool and reducing the ‘heat island effect.’
  • 170-Degree of Pivoting Action
    The motorized louvers of the Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola provide 170—degrees of pivoting flexibility, outshining imitators, whose 100-145-degree range come up short on protection from sun, rain, and wind, putting your furnishings and patrons at-risk, and increasing staff maintenance duties following inclement weather.
  • Built-In Gutters
    The added pivoting flexibility of the Arcadia upholds its superior interlocking louver design, providing unmatched water management via a built-in, leak-free gutter system, delivering unmatched performance in the rain to reduce inclement weather maintenance needs. Just one of the reasons the Arcadia is the system of choice for resorts, restaurants, and country clubs who pride themselves on patient comfort.
  • American-Made CE & UL-Certified Motors
    Operated via remote control or iLouver app-driven technology, the American-made CE and UL-certified motors of the Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola are exceptionally quiet, maintenance-free and built to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions. Open/close remotely, by pre-set position, time, or on-demand, with optional wind and rain-sensing shelter technology.

Looking for the ultimate return on your pergola purchase? Invest in quality. Schedule your complimentary design consultation with Denver Pergola Systems today.

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How to Boost Your Business with Spectacular Outdoor Event Space

Nothing can surpass an expertly arranged outdoor event surrounded by the sublime beauty only nature can provide. Sun, shade, or moonlight, outdoor festivities are the ideal way to impress. As an event host, your ability to likewise impress venue clients with stellar facilities can pay huge dividends, reaping the rewards of client referrals. How can you provide an outdoor space that outshines client expectations?

Earn More Business with a Unique Outdoor Space
Invite more business, creating opportunity with an outdoor space designed to host a broad array of private and public functions in the beauty of the outdoors…

  • Think Big
    Create a large meeting space under a canopy of trees in your expansive landscape, providing a fantastic festival or celebration space with plenty of room to sprawl.
  • Exude Mystery
    Tuck a pavilion away in a private, elaborately landscaped green space, offering a ‘secret garden’ in which guests can indulge for a wedding or reception.
  • Take Things Up a Notch
    Adding trendy pavilion space to the rooftop or via balcony, providing the ideal setting for hosting a large scale dinner or non-profit fundraiser.
  • Capitalize on Views
    From dramatic mountain landscapes to relaxing waterside locales, creating an exclusive feel and earning word-of-mouth buzz.
  • Think Outside the Box
    Incorporate high-impact lighting that caters not only to day events, but evening festivities, creating a magically enchanting nighttime environment with a luxury feel.
  • Add Flair
    Such as a the cozy glow of outdoor fireplace or fire pit, a place where guests can enjoy warm conversation and relax with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails for a corporate gathering or at the close of a conference.
  • Offer More
    Provide time and money-saving opportunities for guests while increasing your bottom-line, offering services to provide candles, linens, and more.
  • Be Versatile
    Incorporating multiple pavilions to accommodate a variety of uses, depending on the size of your outdoor space, including:

    • Corporate Gatherings
    • Team Building Exercises
    • Conferences
    • Fundraisers
    • Festivals
    • Holiday Celebrations
    • Large scale dinners
    • Musical performances
    • Weddings & Receptions
    • Family Reunions

Circumvent the Usual Outdoor Event Worries
To prevent client headaches (and reputational backlash) in regards to the typical outdoor event weather worries, versatile, reliable shelter is key. Luckily, Arcadia has you covered – or uncovered! Dial-in just the right amount of sun or shade for any weather with the industry-leading, 170-degree rotational flexibility of your custom, adjustable aluminum pergola design. Keep clients protected with optional wind and rain sensing technology, closing louvers on-demand for leak-free rain protection. Provide dramatic full sky views with help of the Arcadia Slide, or boost shade capacity, control pests and add privacy with motorized screens and curtains. With the Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergola, the customization possibilities are nearly limitless!

Blow-away clients with a winning outdoor event space. Boost your online image with positive reviews, driving a steady stream of new clients to your door. Uncover the possibilities of your outdoor space. Schedule a design consultation with Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Creating a Profitable Patio with a Pergola

Warmer weather is coming, which brings Denverites out to get their vitamin E on. Is your restaurant, community center, or club missing the opportunity of potential patrons? It’s faster and easier than you think to add patron space and boost profits with a patio bar or dining space.


You’re Just 5 Steps Away from a Profitable Commercial Patio Space

  1. Legal Smeagal
    Check with the local city government regarding necessary paperwork and permitting for the addition of outdoor seating space for dining. Researching before designing your patio ensures you won’t have to pay fines – or worse – reinvent your outdoor space pursuant to city laws and rules later.
  2. Space Scrutinization
    Measure available space carefully, considering furniture additions and mocking-up a layout with tape or chalk. Ensure guests and staff won’t be cramped or in the paths of doors and server trays. If adding an outdoor cooking area or patio bar, consider how this will impact available seating.
  3. Shelter Snafus
    Outdoor dining space can turn into a detriment in inclement weather, sending patrons scurrying and leaving you under or over staffed. Luckily, with the flexibility of Arcadia adjustable aluminum pergolas, your weather worries will be a thing of the past. Ensure customer comfort and reduce workload with an adjustable outdoor shelter addition. Open up to allow full sun, dial-in just the right amount of shade, and provide leak-free precipitation protection at the touch of a button or on-demand with integrated weather sensing, app-driven technology.
  4. Amenity Additions
    In addition to seating space and weather protection, consider the capacity for your outdoor space to encompass…

    • A Bar Addition
      Guests enjoy watching drinks being made. Fun and functional, an outside bar addition can draw interest and revenue to your business – even simple mobile/portable units. Special promotional deals for patio-only diners creates an exclusive feel.
    • Cooking Fare
      Customers love watching food preparation, especially on the BBQ grill or within outdoor pizza ovens. These additions can also enhance the ambiance of your outdoor dining space.
    • Fireplaces or Gas-Powered Fire Pit Tables
      The unmatched ambiance of easy-care gas fireplaces or fire pit tables draws customers in to a warm, cozy setting.
    • Outdoor Televisions
      Broadcast popular sports venues, providing a relaxing space for customers to grab a beverage and a snack while enjoying the game.
    • Fans & Heaters
      Ceiling fans uphold comfort in summer months, while patio heaters offer extended service into chillier seasons.
    • Motorized Screens & Curtains
      Motorized screens offer additional shading flexibility, repelling pests. Integrating outdoor curtains allows for privacy and space defining for meetings/parties.
  5. Furniture & Flair
    Capture the ambiance of your commercial space with a rustic wooden picnic table and benches, charming bistro sets, or modern, sofa-style booths. Design your pergola to match, choosing from an array of custom powder-coating colors, faux-wood wrap, decorative trim, and architectural columns. Eye-catching décor, lighting and amenities, will draw attention to your space, creating a buzz, while fencing, dividers, or planters with brightly colored foliage provide privacy and security.


The Exterior of Your Business is an Advertisement

What does yours say? Open up to a world of nearly endless customization possibilities and income potential. Create a more profitable patio with a pergola addition. Schedule your complimentary design consultation with Denver Pergola Systems today.


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Why “Al Fresco” Restaurants are Always Full

Until recently, restaurants didn’t put much effort into decking out outdoor spaces. Today, however, the outdoor dining scene has changed, branching out from uncomfortable tables and chairs in the patchy shade of flimsy patio umbrellas, to encompass an entirely new outdoor experience. Out in the fresh air, away from the increasingly smaller and crowded living conditions they experience daily, patrons are flocking to outdoor dining for a host of reasons…

Al Fresco Dining is Trendy
Today’s outdoor diners are looking for ‘an experience.’ Festive, exotic outdoor locales that offer stimulation to multiple senses. In this invigorating environment, food and drink tastes fresher and better, inspiring indulgence.

Dining Outdoors is Intimate
A ‘secret garden’ diners are dying to discover, tucked-away from busier spaces, al fresco dining offers an escape, from couples looking for privacy and respite in a tall, comfy booth, to lone diners looking to ‘get away from it all’ behind the borders of greenery with a good book, or in front of a glare-free flat screen.
Patio Seating Offers an Oasis
In busy downtown settings, outdoor dining offers an oasis – a secluded courtyard in the middle of the bustling city. Designs taking advantage of skyline views, waterfront landscapes, and people-watching offer opportunities even the most intriguing indoor dining spaces cannot.

Being Outdoors Promotes a Sense of Connection
Greenery in adjacent landscapes as well as those added via planter boxes not only add ambiance, but when populated with edible ingredients, can serve as a kitchen garden, providing fresh fare and giving customers what they crave: A more intimate connection with Mother Nature and their food.

The Views are Unparalleled
On the water or surrounded by sweeping mountain views, Mother Nature provides the ideal ambiance for restaurateurs and their clientele to take advantage of. Eighty two percent of diners at full-service venues prefer such outdoor dining experiences while on vacation. In such an amazing atmosphere, diners feel more festive, boosting hors d’oeuvre and cocktail consumption, and leading to higher ticket prices. Restaurants in tourism-heavy districts would be well-advised to invest in opportunities that connect visitors to a sense of place.

Patio Seating Offers 2-for-1 Opportunity
Once restaurants add outdoor dining space, opportunities abound for expansion, allowing restaurateurs and guests to try something different outdoors. Dream-up ‘outdoor only’ foods and specials, or create an atmosphere completely different from the indoors, reversing your upscale interior to offer a more casual dining space, in essence, adding an entirely new restaurant to your existing space.

Cashing-In on Cabin Fever
Because Americans spend so much of their lives stuck indoors, it’s fairly easy cash-in on cabin fever with an easily added patio space. However this doesn’t mean patrons will put up with anything. A rickety seating set, flimsy umbrella, and half-dead box of plants aren’t going to entice customers to an outdoor dining adventure. You’ll need to add a space worthy of your restaurant. After all, the exterior of your business serves as an advertisement for what’s housed under its roof.

Ensure an Inviting, Comfortable Outdoor Dining Space
Invite your patrons to make the most of any weather, with the latest in adjustable aluminum pergola technology and appealing features and furnishings. Open-up to the sun’s warmth on a cool fall day, while still maintaining the capacity to keep customers cool and protected from precipitation with 170-degrees of louver flexibility. Add ceiling fans for a space that feels up to 30-degrees cooler than exposed outdoor areas in the summer, adding a cozy fireplace centerpiece or outdoor patio heaters in the cooler weather season, maximizing the potential of your al fresco dining space with the ideal amenities.


As al fresco dining continues to gain popularity, is your business missing out on prime patio opportunities? Increase your seating area and boost your revenue potential. Discover new ways to reinvent your outdoor space. Contact Denver Pergolas to schedule your complimentary design consultation today.

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Grow Your Business with Rooftop Gardening

From neighborhood restaurants to corporate-owned sports arenas, rooftop gardens are cropping up atop businesses nationwide. Why are these businesses literally going green? Because it pays in so many ways…


What Significant, Yet Untapped, Green Roof Benefits Could Your Business Reap?
Sewing a new path with a green roof can:

  1. Save your business significant energy costs, cutting heat loss by 50%, shielding up to 88% of solar radiation and reducing AC costs as much as 25%.
  2. Lower urban air temperatures and improve air quality.
  3. Reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.
  4. Reduce flash flooding, containing and repurposing water, and improving the quality of runoff.
  5. Reduce noise infiltration up to 40 db.
  6. Provide a habitat for wildlife that has been threatened by urban sprawl.
  7. Provide food for your restaurant, employees, or the community.
  8. Add valuable, usable space for guests and employees to enjoy.
  9. Improve employee engagement and productivity.
  10. Add curb appeal, drawing positive attention to your business, and turning it into a landmark.


A Look at Some Real Numbers
How much are businesses really saving from rooftop gardens? In 2001, Chicago’s City Hall was topped with 20,000 square feet of intensive and extensive vegetation. In August of the same year, researchers noted a rooftop temperature of 119°F atop the planted area, compared to the 169°F inferno registered on the black tar roof next door. In the time span from 2001 to 2008, the city saved an estimated $3,600 in annual cooling and heating costs. Today, Green Projects Administrator Michael Berkshire says the city’s green roof addition saves them $5,000/year on utility costs.  If all the city’s roofs were similarly topped, officials believe peak energy demand could be reduced 720 megawatts (enough current for 750,000 consumers), and the load on the storm sewer system reduced about 70%. The city is now topping everything from offices to fire stations with greenery. Other big cities are following suit, including recent legislation by Denver to require green roofs on large new buildings.


What Types of Greenery are Topping City Skylines?
Common approaches to green roofing include:

  • Container Gardens
    The easiest approach involves the use of containers and raised beds, holding everything from herbs and veggies to ornamental flowers and shrubs.
  • Semi-Intensive Green Roofs
    Semi-intensive green roofs require more maintenance, but offer more flexibility of use. Planted with grass, ground covers and small shrubs, they will require occasional irrigation and maintenance, but are a great foundation for turning your rooftop into usable, natural square footage.
  • Intensive Green Roofs
    Intensive green roofs hold a wider variety of vegetation, from grass, plants, shrubs and edibles, to small trees. Selection effects maintenance/irrigation. Properly planned and designed, it can provide a complete, stunning garden for guests/staff to relax.
  • Sedum Green Roofs
    Sedum green roofs, though low-maintenance, aren’t made to be walked on. Rolled-out like a carpet, this roof is made of fragile succulents.
  • Biodiverse Roofing
    The least common, biodiverse or ‘brown’ roofing is not typically constructed for pedestrian traffic, but to create a natural habitat for wildlife.


How to Build a Green Roof Space that’s User-Friendly & Safe
No matter which greenery you prefer, ensure rooftop garden success by seeking answers to the following questions:

  1. Are rooftop gardens allowed?
    First, contact your city (and district leaders if your building is historical) to determine if building codes allow a rooftop garden/green roof system.
  2. Can your existing roof handle the load?
    Contact a structural engineer to determine the precise weight your current roof can carry. Soil, plants, and people can easily top 100-lbs/sq.ft. Saturated with rain/snow, they could be too much for the current structure. An engineer can advise you of workarounds and costs.
  3. Do you have access?
    How will you get materials and people in/out? Some cities require multiple entries/exits, emergency lighting, and fire alarms.
  4. How will you water?
    Hauling cans isn’t practical. However a rain barrel and drip irrigation may work if you don’t want to simply run a hose.
  5. Will you add electrical?
    Electricity makes life easier, allowing for safe passage and extending the times you will be able to use your rooftop garden.
  6. Where will you store tools?
    Maintenance tools, fertilizer, and compost take up space and are difficult to camouflage roof side. Options like bench seating and tables with storage can help.
  7. How much sun do you get rooftop?
    Do other building block out the sun? At what times of day? The plants chosen must reflect daily sun levels to ensure survival.
  8. How hot is it?
    Ambient heat from neighboring buildings/surfaces can cook plants – and people. How will you provide shelter?
  9. Do you need a windbreak?
    Strong winds can seriously injure plants.
  10. How would you like to layout your rooftop garden?
    Use graph paper for scale, considering the general organization of plants, garden furniture and features.


Gardening Time: The Best Ways to Trim Your Rooftop Garden Space

  • Functional, Hardy Plants
    Look to a landscape professional for help selecting the right species of greenery to achieve the results you desire. They can help you make the most of your space with vertical design (climbing vines, hanging baskets). A pro will also be more versed in plants friendly to the rooftop environment, growth tendencies (annuals vs. perennials; how large/quickly they grow), helping you ensure a lasting living design.
  • Flexible Furniture
    Atop the roof, lightweight garden furniture is best for reducing the load on the roof. Foldable furniture may offer potential, as will double-duty furniture, such as plastic storage benches/tables. Create a focal point with your selections, deciding on a central gathering space. Be careful not to hide it with too many plants/decorations, and keep the color theme simple to avoid a ‘busy’ look.  
  • Lightweight, Versatile Shelter
    The people and plants on your rooftop garden need shelter. However a heavy wooden pergola won’t do. Luckily the lightweight aluminum construction of an Arcadia adjustable louvered pergola can be installed easily, and is a common rooftop addition. Capable of withstanding hurricane force winds, the Arcadia is perfectly at-home high above the sky, providing sun, shade, and reliable shelter from rain/snow with rapidly responding, iLouver app technology and weather-responsive programming.

There are Many Ways to Save on Your Commercial Rooftop Garden Installation
Depending on the greenery atop your roof, your business may be eligible for:

  • Stormwater fee discounts, due to reductions in runoff.
  • Energy efficiency discounts from your local utility provider.
  • Reduced HVAC costs. (Uncover how much with this free energy calculator from the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Alliance)
  • Development incentives (expedited permitting, zoning upgrades, increased floor area ratios).
  • Grants for green infrastructure projects/practices.
  • Rebates: Federal and local tax credits, reimbursement, and funding/financing may also be available.
  • Awards and recognition, including monetary awards and free press, for exemplary projects.
  • See the EPA’s Green Infrastructure Incentives Handbook to learn more, or research case studies here


Who says you can’t enjoy Mother Nature in the city? Enjoy all the benefits your rooftop garden has to offer. Open up to new possibilities with the help of Denver Pergola Systems today.



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