Planning Your Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July CandlesWhat do you need for a fun and festive Independence Day in your backyard? With the right menu, a comfortable setting for the patio, and festive decor, you can create the perfect site for an enjoyable Fourth of July celebration. Commemorate America’s birthday in comfort and style with these tips for a memorable evening that shines long after the fireworks have faded.

Create a Delicious Drink Menu

Serve all-American iced tea and lemonade, or create a colorful red, white, and blue cocktail menu. Stick with classics like strawberry daquiris, pina coladas, and blue margaritas, Google drink recipes by color, or simplify things with the latest red white and blue layered cocktail.

Serve Up Family Favorites

Plan your cookout menu, including children’s favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs, alongside steak, ribs, lobster, and other sophisticated grilled dishes for adults. Don’t forget appetizers and side dishes. Prepare as much as you can in advance so you can spend more time enjoying the day with your family.

Feast on Festive Desserts

Red white and blue popsicles are always a hit with the kids. For the adults, a multilayered trifle with strawberries, blueberries, crisp shortbread cookies, and vanilla pudding makes for a light and sweet treat in the summer heat. 

Mix it Up

Create an Independence Day playlist featuring a mix of fun and patriotic songs, or simplify things with the help of a music streaming service, pumping tunes onto your covered patio using wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Dress Up Your Deck

Showcase the stars and stripes, decorating your deck with a multitude of small flags, festively themed windsocks, or banners. Create your own light show with a festive American flag net light display and coordinating red, white, and blue LED patio string lights.

Party Till the Sun Don’t Shine

While away the hours until the sun goes down beneath your adjustable louvered pergola. StruXure home pergolas give you complete control over your outdoor environment, so you never have to worry about a Denver area pop up shower. Built-in rain sensors respond on-demand, closing automatically at the first detection of rain to keep you comfortable and dry. Adjust louvers manually, electrically, using solar power, or the iLouver smartphone app, letting in the ideal amount of sun or shade throughout the day.

Maximize use of your outdoor space this summer and for every season to come. Learn more about custom louvered pergola systems from Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Outdoor Kitchen Features For Your Pergola

kitchen featuresHow can you make hosting backyard events more convenient and enjoyable? If you are adding a new outdoor kitchen or updating your current design, accessorizing your outdoor space with a few specialty features can take your kitchen to the next level. Kitchen appliances and accessories that simplify prep, speed cooking, and deliver tasty, flavorful food will make your next get-together more enjoyable and efficient, supporting lively conversations and giving you more time to interact with guests.

What Specialty Features Could Take Your Outdoor Kitchen to the Next Level? 

Even if you don’t have the budget to incorporate all your favorites, running necessary electricity, gas, and water lines now, during your initial design or remodel, is best. This will ensure you’re setup for future installation when your budget permits, allowing you can achieve your dream outdoor kitchen design with these coveted features:

  • Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
    Wood-fired pizza ovens top the must-have list of foodies and aspiring chefs, providing a place to produce delicious homemade pizzas and roast meats. Just be sure to check local building codes before purchase – rules may make an electric or gas-powered model more feasible.
  • Two-sided Grill
    Two-sided grills give you more space for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. They also offer added control over cooking temperatures in each zone of the grill, allowing you to cook some foods fast and others slow. Many models also offer dual-fuel, gas, and charcoal operation, giving you additional cooking flexibility.
  • Ceramic Grills & Smokers
    Ceramic grill/smoker combos combine the features of a grill, oven, and smoker into one space-efficient cooking unit.
  • Side Burner
    Easily prepare stovetop dishes outdoors with a side burner, reducing trips back into the house.
  • Griddle
    Fry eggs, bacon, pancakes, and breakfast potatoes in a snap on a built-in griddle, creating a new weekend breakfast tradition.
  • Warming Drawer
    If you’re cooking for a crowd, keeping food to temperature until everything is ready to serve can be a challenge. However, with a warming drawer, it’s a snap. Simply store prepared food at the desired temperature (from 85-215 F) until all accompaniments are ready to go.
  • Outdoor Fridge
    Eliminate indoor traffic with an outdoor fridge, keeping beverages and appetizers cold, fresh, and nearby on your patio.
  • Built-In Kegerator
    If you’re a beer connoisseur, a kegerator is a must-have, allowing you to serve cold beer without chilling and storing dozens of beer bottles deck-side.
  • Ice Maker or Ice Trough
    Outdoor icemakers eliminate the need for store-runs on party day. However, if your budget is small, a built-in ice trough will do the trick, providing a chic space to keep drinks cool.

Adjustable Pergola: The Cherry On Top of Your Dream Kitchen Design  

No outdoor kitchen is party-ready without shelter. The ultimate tool to ensuring an enjoyable outdoor experience, StruXure aluminum louvered pergolas allow you to create the ideal setting for your event. With 170-degrees of rotational flexibility, pergola system louvers can be adjusted to manage any weather, opening to let in the sun’s warmth on a cool spring morning, providing shade on a hot summer day, or sealing to provide complete rain protection. Entertain year-round with fans and patio heaters for comfort, built-in lighting for evening events, and motorized screens to banish pests.

Achieve your dream outdoor kitchen design, creating a party-ready kitchen with the help of Denver Pergola Systems. Contact us to schedule a design consultation for a custom aluminum pergola system today.

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The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchenWhat’s the recipe for creating the perfect outdoor kitchen, somewhere you can gather with family and friends, sipping a glass of wine while grilling a delicious dinner? The ingredients for a successful outdoor kitchen design call for a well-planned design, essential appliances, comfortable furnishings, and versatile shelter.

Tips for Achieving Your Ideal Kitchen Design

  • Design your outdoor kitchen as you would your indoor kitchen.
    Since the fundamentals of cooking are the same indoors and out, design your outdoor kitchen as you would the kitchen within your home. Be mindful of kitchen work triangle rules, placing your cooking area, fridge, and sink for easy access. Include plentiful countertops, allotting space for prepping and dining, as well as ample space for picnic-style platters.
  • Choose beautiful, durable surfaces.
    Invest in quality, choosing surfaces built to withstand rain, UV exposure, heat, chemicals, staining, and scuffs.
  • Don’t skimp on appliances.
    Consider your outdoor cooking preferences, outfitting your kitchen with your choice of dual-grill, side burner, smoker, griddle, and pizza oven, and maybe even a kegerator or wine tap. Don’t forget the sink, which is a must for working safely with meats. Add a refrigerator to store food, condiments, and beverages nearby. After all, the goal of your kitchen is to immerse yourself in the outdoor experience – not spend the evening trekking items back and forth from inside your home.
  • Be sure to incorporate storage.
    Having a place to stash cutting boards, platters, and knives, as well as pillows, blankets, and other outdoor essentials saves you from running back and forth for supplies in your home.
  • Add shelter and function.
    Versatile shelter is essential to make the most of your outdoor kitchen investment. With a louvered pergola system, you can enjoy your kitchen year-round, in any weather. Adjust louvers to dial in the perfect amount of sun, shade, or ventilation, close louvers for protection from the rain, and outfit your custom aluminum pergola with accessories that enhance comfort and function:

    • Incorporate built-in lighting for cooking at night or setting the mood during evening meals.
    • Add ceiling fans and infrared patio heaters for year-round comfort.
    • Equip your pergola with motorized screens and curtains for privacy and protection from pests.

Cook and dine, enjoying a delicious nightly meal outdoors with your family and friends beneath the comfort of your home pergola. Create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

Contact Denver Pergola Systems for a complimentary quote, or schedule a design consultation today.

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Create A Baby-Friendly Outdoor Space

child in the grassHow can you create a backyard space that’s safe for your baby? Your yard will likely require some adjustments to become a welcoming environment for your child. This investment will pay you back many times over, nurturing your budding toddler’s body, mind, and soul. To meet your baby’s changing needs and ensure their safety and enjoyment outdoors as they transition from sitting and crawling to walking, the flexible shelter of a louvered pergola, soft surfaces, and child-safe plants that attract wildlife, encouraging outdoor discovery, are essential.

How to Create a Safe, Inviting, Baby-Friendly Backyard

      1. Provide the Right Mix of Shade & Sunlight
        While brief exposure to sunlight is healthy for your baby, stimulating Vitamin D production, it doesn’t take much – only about 10 minutes. Ample shade is crucial to protect your infant from sunburn in the first six months, when they’re too young for sunblock.  StruXure adjustable louvered pergolas help you tend to your growing child’s changing needs, offering 170-degrees of flexibility so you can dial-in the perfect amount of shade or sunlight.
      2. Choose a Soft, Smooth Flooring Surface
        Smooth paving with solid joints is ideal, providing a flat surface for bouncers, making it easier to crawl, and reducing the risk of tripping with baby’s first steps. Place soft surfaces over top, such as large rugs, mats, cushions, and blankets that will remain safely in place. These are safer for the soft, thin skin on your baby’s hands, elbows, and knees, cushioning falls. Avoid rocks and gravel, which can hurt the knees and feet of babies as they learn to become mobile.
      3. If You Prefer Decking, Inspect it Regularly
        Decking can also be a safe choice for your child, particularly composite decks. If you choose wood, which is softer and warmer than stone, inspect it frequently. This is essential to addressing potential splinters and identifying widening gaps that could trap the fingers/toes of your baby. Algae should also be addressed regularly to prevent slips and falls.
      4. Plan Your Furnishings Around Your Baby
        Large tables can hinder walkers, or turn into a dangerous obstacle for bouncers. Consider folding tables you can easily slide into and out of use until your baby is more seasoned pedestrian.
      5. Incorporate Outdoor Toys to Entice Your Child Outside
        Pop-up tunnels, castles, and more are inexpensive and easily stowed away. Foldaway toddler slides and folding mini-trampolines are also fantastic additions for inspiring outdoor activity.
      6. Keep Your Baby Away from Dangerous Areas
        A large, flexible wooden or plastic configurable baby safety panel system can keep your child contained, while still allowing some freedom of movement.
      7. Be Careful to Choose Child and Wildlife-Friendly Plants
        Friendly Plants
        Many beautiful plants, flowers, and berries are toxic to children if ingested. Using taste as a means of discovery, your baby will likely put found items in their mouth. It is crucial to research all plant selections thoroughly before purchase. In addition to toxins, watch out for thorny, spiky, sharp foliage, choosing softer plants. Fruit and sweet-smelling flowers that attract bees and wasps are also best avoided with very young children. As they grow, help your child learn safe distancing, and what is/isn’t safe to touch, without inducing fear, updating plant selections as they age.
      8. Don’t Let Rain Limit Outdoor Play
        With a louvered roof pergola,you’ll never have to worry about rain putting a stop to outdoor play on a cold fall or winter’s day. StruXure pergolas feature a leak-free roof with a built-in gutter system, directing rain away from your patio space and preventing pooling. When the weather is warm, open louvers to allow your child to embrace playing in the rain, encouraging an exciting new outdoor adventure.

Create a patio space that grows with your family through every stage of your life. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to schedule a complimentary custom pergola design consultation today.

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Low-Maintenance Potted Plants Under Your Pergola

coral-bellsDo you love colorful foliage, but impress yourself with your capacity to kill patio plants? Did your last additions take over your space, rather than compliment it? Denver Pergola has the help you need to enhance your outdoor space, with a formula for low maintenance greenery additions that pair well with your residential pergola, beautify your patio, and minimize maintenance.

Refresh Your Patio and Nurture Your Green Thumb with these Easy-Care Plants

 Beautiful, low-maintenance potted plants do exist.  You can add color, texture, and visual interest to your outdoor space with little more than weekly watering. These low-maintenance options are perfect for your patio or deck, particularly when paired with stylish and colorful containers and hanging baskets.

  1. Heucheras – “Coral Bells”
    Small but mighty, the flamboyant foliage of Heucheras packs a visual punch, with flat or frilly leaves boasting shades ranging from bright lime green to sunset orange and merlot. Hummingbirds and butterflies love their long spikes of flowers. Choose evergreen varieties for year-round enjoyment.
  2. Dichondra Argentea – “Silver Ponyfoot”
    The striking silver foliage of this southwest native spreads and cascades quickly, making a beautiful hanging basket or interesting addition to tall, upright planters, particularly when paired with plants with dark or colorful foliage. Note: It can overwinter in your home, but will not survive outdoors.
  3. Cordyline
    Tall and bright, Cordylines are visually striking, flourishing in full sun. They don’t survive cold winters, however, so be prepared to replace them or bring them indoors before it frosts.
  4. Agave Macroacantha
    Unlike its mammoth cousins, this unique, black-spined agave is known for its diminutive, 18-inch size. It makes a beautiful sculptural addition – just be sure to tuck it out of the way to protect passersby from its sharp spines.
  5. Sedum
    Sedum encompasses a very large and variable plant family, offering a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, though all variations require minimal care. Sedum is an excellent way to add color and texture, flowering annually. Look for cold-hardy varieties for year-over-year beauty.
  6. Blue Oat Grass
    This festive, fountain-shaped grass thrives in full sun, and can survive winter. It will easily fill any container, growing to 2-3 feet tall. It is fantastic for flanking entryways or anchoring your patio space.
  7. Angelonia Serena – “Summer Snapdragons”
    This homeowner favorite thrives in full sun, withstanding the high heat and humidity of southern climates. Its fragrant purple, pink, or white flowers last for months, making lovely flower arrangements.
  8. Geraniums
    The cheerful blooms of geraniums come in many colors. Locate them where they’ll get at least 6 hours of direct sun daily to encourage their fragrant blooms.
  9. Pansies
    These colorful, easy-growing flowers thrive in sun or part shade and are surprisingly durable, though they hold up best in spring and fall. They come in a rainbow of hues to accent your patio or pergola design, allowing you to customize your color scheme.
  10. Flowering Kale
    This hardy, rugged annual tolerates sun or shade, dry soil, and sub-freezing temperatures. Plant it in early spring, fall, and winter for lasting color, pairing it with other burgundy foliage and design accents to add color and texture to your patio.

Avoid Impeding Pergola Function with Proper Plant Selection & Placement

 Shopping on the fly can be tempting, but it can produce unexpected results. Shop carefully. Be mindful when selecting plants to pair with your louvered pergola system. Though the recommendations above are low-maintenance, each has unique care requirements. Consider sun exposure requirements and placement, particularly when placing plants beneath your residential pergola. Do you normally leave the louvers of your adjustable pergola open or closed? Steer clear of rapidly growing, bushy or vining plants, which can impede louvered pergola function, opting for better suited, slower-growing options instead.

Spruce up your patio with the season’s most beautiful foliage. Create a low maintenance backyard oasis with plants that are as easy to care for as your StruXure aluminum louvered pergola system. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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Essential Memorial Day Patio Prepping Tips

american flagIs your patio prepped for summer fun? Memorial Day is right around the corner. Kick-off the summer season right. With a bit of pre-Memorial Day patio prep, you can kick back and enjoy the warmer weather with your family, spending the holiday weekend relaxing together beneath your home pergola.

How To Prepare Your Patio for Summer Fun

 These five patio prepping tips will put you on the right track for a relaxing summer.

  1. Tidy Up
    If you’re lagging in the spring cleaning department, play a bit of catch up, tidying up your patio and yard in anticipation of summer fun. This maintenance often takes longer than you’d expect, so plan a few weeks ahead of holiday activities to ensure you’ll have ample time to clear leaves and twigs, manage mold, clean and prep your grill, and replace broken items. Fortunately, StruXure aluminum pergolas require minimal care. You can check this off your to-do list fast, with a quick spray of the hose.
  2. Add a Few Festive Decorations & Plants
    Spice up your patio décor with festive red, white and blue decorations to honor those who have served, including a few items such as throw pillows, table cloths, and colorful containers of flowers.
  3. Take Patio Furnishings Out of Storage
    Remove furnishings from storage, replacing worn pieces. After all, your goal is a cozy, functional patio space where you can relax! Be sure you have sufficient, comfortable seating for each family member, including a variety of options such as an outdoor couch, lounger, or sectional, coffee and side tables.
  4. Ensure Shelter from the Summer Sun
    The addition of reliable shelter from the hot, overpowering Denver sun is crucial to a functional outdoor space. Fortunately,  StruXure adjustable louvered pergolas have you covered. Dial-in the perfect amount of shade on your custom-built pergola, ensuring a pleasant patio experience. Should afternoon thunderstorms come, seal out rain quickly with the quick touch of a button. After sun sets, easily open your louvered pergola to increase circulation and take in the starlit sky.
  5. Plan a Few Fun Activities for the Family
    Enjoying a good conversation with your family is wonderful. However, fun activities are also an excellent way to keep everyone engaged and make lasting memories. Depending on the size of your space, you can include options from classic games like checkers, Jenga, and Uno to a ping pong, shuffleboard, or foosball tournament.

Start the summer season in style with a custom residential pergola. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more about our custom-designed louvered pergola systems today.


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Make the Most of the Daylight Savings Season

louvered pergola closedHow can you make the most of the daylight savings season? Now that daylight savings time, and longer spring and summer nights have arrived, take advantage of the extra evening light, enjoying more time outdoors. Revamp your deck or patio, making the most of longer days in your beautiful, multifunctional new backyard space.

Give Your Yard a Much Needed Makeover

Turn your deck or patio into a more versatile, functional space. Create a sheltered patio you and your family can enjoy rain or shine with a versatile adjustable louvered pergola. StruXure pergola systems help you maximize outdoor enjoyment during daylight savings time, adjusting on-demand to offer shade and rain protection when you need it, and opening to reveal sunny, blue skies when you don’t. Outfitted with pergola accessories like built-in lighting, ceiling fans, infrared heaters, and motorized screens, with a StruXure custom pergola system, you can enjoy your patio year-round.

Embrace the Spring

Now that the snow is melting, it’s safe to get your outdoor space into shape and take out patio furnishings. Embrace spring cleaning tasks, clearing away built-up leaves, branches, and debris from the fall and winter season. Wipe down furnishings, updating accents for a fresh, bright look.

Surround Yourself with Vibrant Flowers & Greenery

Showcase the rebirth the season signifies, adorning your outdoor space with colorful flowers, herbs, and edibles in festive pots and hanging baskets, leaving the winter doldrums behind you.

Enjoy a Barbecue

Gather your family for a barbecue picnic, enjoying lively conversation as you dine beneath your newly added home pergola. Engage motorized pergola screens and close louvers to keep pests at bay, dimming lights to a soft hue as skies darken, and you continue relaxing and chatting well into the evening hours.

Plan a Game Day or Movie Night

Enjoy football, baseball, basketball, or soccer on your outdoor flat screen, or slide out your pop-up screen and projector, beginning a new ritual of an outdoor movie night with your family.

Bask in a Beautiful Sunrise or Sunset

Since the sun is rising an hour later, you won’t have to get up too early to enjoy a striking sunrise, taking it in with a hot cup of coffee. Not a morning person? Perhaps a sunset with a glass of wine is more your style.

Relocate Your Exercise Routine

Breathe more deeply, performing your daily yoga, cardio, or weight training regimen in the cool, fresh outdoor air beneath the shelter of your new aluminum pergola.

Take the Kids Camping

Kids of all ages covet backyard campouts. With your pergola system louvers locked tightly together to seal out rain, and motorized screens or curtains to keep pests at bay, your patio is easily transformed into the perfect location to “rough it” with the kids.

Tired of spending your evenings cooped up? Venture outdoors, enjoying your patio well into the evening hours beneath your custom pergola. Learn more about pergola installation from Denver Pergola Systems today.

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Win Big with an Outdoor Game Room & a Pergola

gameroom under a pergolaShould you add an outdoor game room to your home? In light of the current coronavirus epidemic, it’s not difficult to see why having options for entertainment at home is good for your mental and financial health. Why not banish boredom in your backyard, turning a little bit of unused space into a full-fledged outdoor game room that lures your family out to play? If you add it under a louvered pergola that keeps the rain out, you can even send the kids outside in the rain!!

Turn Down Screen Time & Turn Up Game Time
No one wants to stay indoors when it’s beautiful outside, and an outdoor game room addition is an ideal solution, delivering a lasting return on investment. Spending time outdoors with your family enjoying games together is a great way to unplug from the daily grind, encouraging activity, improving family bonding, and helping everyone feel good.

Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Game Room Experience
There are a lot of options for personalizing your outdoor game room. After considering how much space you have to work with, take a family vote, choosing from these popular gaming table additions:
● Ping Pong
● Pool Table
● Foosball
● Multi-Game Table
● Shuffleboard & Curling

You can also maximize space and add a bit more fun with these traditional or magnetic wall-mounted games:
● Dartboard
● Hookey Game
● Scrabble
● Chess
● And more!

Choosing Between Permanent & Portable Models

When choosing gaming tables, weigh the pros and cons of permanent versus portable additions. Permanent tables, designed for lasting outdoor use, are typically heavier and better quality, however, this added quality and extended lifespan comes with a higher price tag. Portable options cost slightly less and are easily moved, though they are not as sturdy. They must also be put away after each use, so they do not get damaged by inclement weather.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Fun
Covered patios give your family the opportunity to enjoy playing games outdoors, no matter the weather. And with StruXure louvered roof systems, you don’t have to sacrifice sunlight for shelter. Featuring 170-degrees of rotational flexibility, you can easily adjust the louvers on your residential pergola to let the sun shine in on beautiful Colorado days, provide the ideal amount of shade, or close louvers fully for rain protection during afternoon thunderstorms. Built to withstand the windiest weather, StruXure pergolas let you enjoy hours of outdoor fun while protecting your family and gaming gear from the elements.

Are you looking for a few patio ideas to spice up your family life? We’ve got you covered. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more about incorporating an outdoor game room addition today.

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Do I Need an Outdoor Fan Under My Pergola?

pergola outdoor fansDo I Need an Outdoor Fan Under My Pergola?

Do you need an outdoor fan? Many people don’t consider an outdoor fan a necessity. However, these inexpensive appliances offer many benefits far beyond comfort. From cooling and air circulation to pest control, safety, and style, learn why an outdoor fan is a fantastic addition to your residential pergola design.

The Benefits of Adding a Ceiling Fan to Your Outdoor Space
Ceiling fans pack a lot of punch on your patio or deck, providing:

Outdoor ceiling fans go wonderfully with patio shades, providing a refreshing respite from the bright, hot summer Colorado sun. The large blades of outdoor ceiling fans offer superior comfort compared to smaller oscillating and boxed fans. This “wind chill” effect, created when air passes over perspiration on the skin, can make you and your guests feel several degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. Integrating a patio misting system can further enhance this effect.

Air circulation
Ceiling fans create a refreshing breeze, controlling smoke from grilling and fire pits or cigarettes, banishing offensive smells and oppressive heat to keep you and your guests more comfortable.

Ceiling fans come with the option of added lighting to enhance the functionality of your outdoor space.

Pest control
Ceiling fans can prevent covered patios from becoming a haven for annoying pests like flies and mosquitoes. The wind created by fans makes it difficult for insects to fly, keeping pests away and ensuring a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Flip a switch or press a button, and your ceiling fan is ready to go – no digging in the garage for dusty box fans and extension cords required!

Compared to other outdoor fan styles, wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are the safest option, keeping cords out of reach and eliminating tripping and electrocution hazards.

A carefully chosen ceiling fan addition can make a unique design statement. You may be surprised to uncover the wide variety of fan and blade styles currently on the market.

An Easy Addition
Wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are easily integrated into your customizable StruXure louvered roof system. Choose your favorite color and style, and a Denver Pergola Systems installation professional can integrate it into your pergola design alongside your other favorite pergola accessories.

Learn more about choosing the best fan for your space in our companion blog, Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Beat the heat and banish the bugs with a customizable louvered roof system. Contact Denver Pergola Systems and schedule a complimentary design consultation today.

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Creative Ways to Furnish Your New Pergola

louvered pergola costTired of the same old patio furnishings? Break away from the box store, seeking out the unusual and exceptional. Make a statement with these creative outdoor additions from our showroom partners at Creative Living Modern Outdoor Décor. From unique furniture to premium cooking appliances and accents, you’re sure to find something to add a unique touch to your space.

Fantastic Furnishings For Your New Pergola

Showcase your distinctive style with a stunning seating centerpiece.

● Ergonomic and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a set of Maui Leisure Chairs.
● Outdoor Seating Pebbles double as furniture – and art!
● Ensure ample seating with a cozy yet stylish sectional.
● Set off your green space with a Bamboo Leaf Table.
● Add a splash of color with an easy-care Lollygagger Lounger.
● Diamond Punch Side Table/Stools ensure a versatile, multifunctional space.

Hot Outdoor Kitchen Additions
A louvered pergola extends your usable space, adding functionality with these outdoor kitchen additions:

● Accent your mountain view with the woodgrain cabinetry of a Cherry Flame Kitchen.
● Add a rustic touch, cooking more than your favorite pie in a wood or gas-fired pizza oven.
● Gather with family and friends over a social grilling table.

Gas Fire Features with Flair
These warm and inviting concrete and steel fire pits under your new pergola will steal the show, get you outside sooner in the spring and extend the fall season!

● Make a statement with a Cor-Ten Steel Kodo Fire Pit.
● Add a splash of color with a Steel Cone Fire Pit.
● Enhance the natural appeal of your space with a concrete Pebble Fire Pit.
● Create a modern, contemporary feel with a concrete ZOID Square Fire Pit Table and colorful media.

Distinctive Décor
Accent your space, bringing it to life with…

● Fabulous Fountains
Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space with a Natural Millstone Fountain or modern Low Zen Sphere Fountain.
● Planters
Add a colorful touch with a ceramic Square Twist Vase or Tesselate Modular Planter.
● Outdoor Art
Add visual interest with a Pismo Sculpture, or create privacy and customize your space with an Allium Flower Art Panel.

Statement Shade Structures

Protect your furnishing and accent your space with a versatile, functional StruXure louvered roof system. Adjust louvers, opening up to full sky views, angling them to the ideal amount of shade protection, or sealing them against rain and snow. StruXure residential pergolas offer a host of customization possibilities, including unique colors, faux wood wraps, architectural columns, and corbel ends, perfect for accenting your outdoor space.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Create patio space with personality with the help of Denver Pergola Systems and Creative Living Modern Outdoor Décor. Stop by an area showroom to see a full-size StruXure Pergola and accompanying furniture and accents today.

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