Avoid Hail Damage with a StruXure Aluminum Louvered Pergola

Is hail damage to your porch or patio inevitable? Denver homeowners encounter evidence of hail damage on a daily basis, from cratered cars to pockmarked pavement. Colorado residents universally accept such extensive property damage as a fact of life. From April to September, we hunker down when hail threatens. But it doesn’t have to be so. Before you resign yourself to the eventual damage and destruction of your outdoor space by hail, consider the alternative. 

StruXure Home Pergolas Hold Up in Hail

StruXure aluminum louvered pergolas hold up very well against hail damage. Our residential pergolas feature a thick, structural grade aluminum design. The thickness and integrity of the structural beams and louvers of our pergola systems don’t dent due to collisions with hailstones. Most hailstones simply bounce right off. Denver Pergola Systems has installed over 150 pergola systems throughout the Colorado region. Many of these have been affected by hail without a single dimple. StruXure pergolas are built to last, designed to withstand extreme weather – including hurricane-force winds and hail – and remain looking great.

Aluminum Louvered Pergolas Offer Protection for your Porch, Too 

In addition to withstanding harsh weather and hail, StruXure motorized pergolas protect furnishings and flooring surfaces beneath when louvers are closed against hail and other weather. When attached to your home, they can also safeguard your structure, offering an extra layer of protection for nearby windows and glass doors. If you happen to be beneath when an after storm pops up, your residential pergola can also protect you from falling hailstones until you can make it safely into your home.

Ducking the Damage 

The Colorado Front Range leads the nation in the frequency of large hail storms and hail damage claims. This region suffers the highest incidence of large hail in North America and most of the world, making it not a matter of if – but when – you will be impacted. In the last decade, hailstorms have racked up more than $5 billion in insured damage statewide. Why not protect your home, reducing insurance claims and premiums while improving your outdoor living space with a durable, hail and wind-resistant aluminum pergola system?

Don’t open yourself up to hail damage. Safeguard yourself and your property with the flexible protection of a StruXure residential pergola from Denver Pergola Systems. Contact us to learn more about creating a lasting, weather-resistant outdoor space today.

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Why Cover Your Patio at All?

patio coverIs patio cover really that critical to your patio or deck design? If you live in the Denver area, that answer is a resounding yes. Strong winds, pop up thunderstorms, hail, snow, and bright, blaring high-altitude sunlight are just a few of the many weather woes outdoor enthusiasts must contend with in Colorado. How can one outdoor shade structure help you manage all that?

StruXure Aluminum Pergolas Allow You to Use Your Patio Whenever You Want

Sun, wind, rain, or snow, StruXure home pergolas have you covered. Use your deck or patio whenever you want to, without waiting for ideal weather conditions. With an adjustable pergola, you’ll no longer be at the mercy of Mother Nature.

  • Say “See Ya” to scorching heat and blinding sun.
    At least ten times a day, our pergola design professionals hear, “Our west/south facing patio is just too hot to enjoy.” With an adjustable aluminum pergola from StruXure, you can adjust louver settings to shelter your patio at the hottest and brightest times of the day. Simply close manually or via remote for immediate protection, or adjust your home pergola on schedule from your mobile device using the iLouver app. Relax in comfort beneath integrated ceiling fans, adjusting louvers to the perfect amount of shade on hot summer afternoons.
  • Guard against UV damage.
    Prevent damage to your skin and furnishings, guarding against the harsh sunlight of the Colorado mountain region. StruXure custom built pergola designs feature an Akzo Nobel powder-coated finish, standing up to tough outdoor conditions like UV light, protecting your pergola structure, and all things beneath.
  • Take shelter from the storm.
    With StruXure louvered roof systems, you can quickly adapt to any weather. Denver area pop-up showers will never again send you running for cover – continue enjoying your outdoor space, remaining sheltered from the storm. The built-in gutter system of our louvered pergola systems provides leak-free rain protection. Adjust louvers with changing weather, or incorporate built-in rain sensors for on-demand response.
  • Stop worrying about high winds.
    Strong and durable, StruXure aluminum pergolas are built to withstand high winds, resisting hurricane-force winds with ease. No more chasing umbrellas or replacing torn fabrics, and no insurance claims for the repair or replacement of weak shade structures.
  • Stand up to hail damage.
    The thick, structural grade aluminum comprising the structure, beams, and louvers or StruXure pergolas guards against hail damage, protecting furnishings beneath. To date, we’ve installed over 150 custom pergolas in the Colorado region, without a single system suffering dimpling from hail.
  • Lower your energy bills and improve comfort.
    In addition to providing a more comfortable patio environment, StruXure custom built pergolas can also keep your home more comfortable, controlling heat gain through large glass patio doors and windows and lowering your energy bills.
  • Add value and curb appeal.
    StruXure louvered pergola systems are a permanent, lasting addition, increasing usable space and adding to the value and curb appeal of your home.

Use your patio on your terms and timetable. Contact Denver Pergola Systems for a free design consultation. Learn how a StruXure pergola can solve your climate control problems, helping you maximize the use of your outdoor living space today.

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Essential Plan For Your Outdoor Living Space

backyard patioWhat things do you need to plan for when designing an outdoor living space? Whether you’re creating your dream deck-side kitchen or adding a cool, comfortable poolside cabana, thoughtful planning is key to ensuring maximum use and a lasting return-on-investment. Our project experts have the information you need to achieve a successful design.

Decide on a Theme for Your Porch or Patio

Will you be using your space primarily for cooking, dining, relaxing, or entertaining? Visualizing the end-use of this space will help you ensure a cohesive design.

Multi-Use Outdoor Spaces

If your outdoor space will be multifunctional, create outdoor rooms or “zones.” Marking out each area in advance, and considering what you will do in each, will help when it’s time to select furnishings. Take measurements, shopping for furnishings carefully based on the intended use of each area. Poorly sized furniture can sabotage your design. Fit and clearance are crucial to functionality.

Select a Style and Color Palette

Will you use neutrals, nature-inspired hues, or bold and bright colors? What theme will you carry through your design? The more you personalize your space, the more inviting it will be, and the more you will use it.

Consider Built-Ins

Built-ins like benches, planters, and kitchen amenities are popular for their lasting design. Built-in fire features provide an inviting, cozy spot for gathering, while integrated water features offer a calming focal point. They are an excellent way to create a feeling of cohesiveness throughout your outdoor space.

Add Versatile Pergola Shelter

Ensure comfort with an adjustable louvered pergola system. StruXure home pergolas provide shelter from the rain on-demand, adjust to the ideal angle to provide protection against the harsh glare of the afternoon sunlight when you need it, opening later in the night to reveal starlit skies. Easy to operate, our custom pergola designs, with integrated lighting, ceiling fans, patio heaters, and motorized screens, ensure maximum use of your porch or patio space year-round.

Design for Privacy

High walls, tall hedges, and trellises can offer protection from onlookers. “Sunken” below deck and multilayer designs, which create a lovely effect and offer a variety of opportunities for adding color and texture with hardscaping, can also enhance privacy. Landscaping flat? Incorporate motorized screens and curtains into your pergola design, enjoying privacy on-demand.

Choose Durable Materials

Invest in options that are beautiful and made to last, from your furnishings to your pergola design. “Bargain” options often end up costing more with repeated replacement. Quality materials, such as the fully extruded aluminum pergola design of StruXure systems, with premium Akzo Nobel powder coating, are easy to clean and built to withstand heat, UV rays, salt, hail, heavy snow loads, and hurricane-force winds.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Maintenance

Choosing easy-care materials allows you to spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying yourself.

Plan for success, and you will achieve an outdoor living space design that will provide lasting satisfaction for years to come. Contact Denver Pergola Systems for a complimentary design consultation today.

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Creating a Lounge-Worthy Patio with a Pergola

lounge worthy outdoor spaceCreate a patio that lures you into its comfort, inviting you to relax. Outfit your outdoor space with the comforts of the indoors and you’ll want to pull up a cozy seat and stay a while. Set the mood with the right furnishings and décor, creating a relaxing retreat with these tips for a lounge-worthy patio.

8 Ideas for a Relaxing Patio 

  1. Multifunctional, comfortable seating.
    Cushy furnishings with thick cushions provide a place to snuggle solo, or with a loved one. Choose furniture options with built-in storage offer hidden spot to stow pillows and throws for cool evenings.
  2. A place to lie your head.
    An outdoor daybed offers the perfect place for an afternoon nap. For smaller spaces, hammocks provide an ideal alternative, shrinking to a small footprint when not in use.
  3. Storage for nibbles and sips.
    Sturdy side tables and a coffee table offer a nearby spot to set your beverages and snacks, as well as showcase LED candles and lanterns, providing a tranquil evening ambiance.
  4. Flexible shelter.
    Outfit your space with a pergola. Home pergolas provide more coverage than unreliable patio umbrellas. StruXure adjustable louvered pergolas provide flexible protection, opening on-demand to let in the sun’s warmth, adjusting to the ideal amount of shade, and closing to seal out rain and snow.
  5. Mood lighting.
    Integrate built-in pergola lighting with programmable LEDs, dimming or altering lighting color to your taste. Set the perfect ambiance to unwind in the evening hours, accenting your patio space with strip lights, fairy lights, lanterns, and solar light stakes.
  6. Temperature comfort.
    Ensure comfort year-round, incorporating built-in ceiling fans and infrared patio heaters into your pergola design.
  7. Pest prevention.
    Close the louvers of your aluminum pergola, sealing out insects with motorized pergola screens. Two-legged pests in the form of neighbors? Get the privacy you need fast, integrating motorized curtains into your custom pergola design.
  8. Plant-based privacy.
    Enhance the outdoor ambiance and create privacy. The lush foliage of plants in a mix of tall and small pots, or a living wall divider, transforms even the smallest space into a cozy hideaway.

Create the perfect spot to gather and relax with the help of Denver Pergola Systems. Learn more about StruXure louvered pergola systems today.

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Adjustable Pergolas: Backyard Game Room

outdoor gamesAre you looking for ways to bring fun and games onto your deck or patio space? Turn unused backyard real estate into a fun and functional extension of your home. With the flexible shelter of a StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola, an outdoor game room can provide the same year-round functionality of one indoors, with the added benefits only the outdoor environment can offer.

An Outdoor Game Room is the Perfect Complement to Other Backyard Amenities

A game room on your porch or patio is the ideal space for you and your family to shake off cabin fever. In this space, you can take part in stress-busting outdoor activities together, or give your children a sense of privacy while they enjoy playing safely alone in your backyard. Work from your porch while your kids play, or grill dinner while they entertain themselves in your new outdoor game room addition.

Top Game Room Additions

Turn an unused area of your yard into a full-fledged game room, enticing your family outdoors with these popular outdoor gaming additions.

  • Permanent or portable gaming tables
    Invest in the lasting quality of a permanent table, or purchase inexpensive portable tables for more flexible use of your space . Popular options include:
      • Ping pong
      • Foosball
      • Air hockey
      • Pool
      • Multi-table (combines several games in one table)
  • Dartboard
    Electronic dartboards are low-maintenance and safe, keeping score for your family.
  • Board games
    Store a variety of timeless board games in a weatherproof outdoor storage unit or bench, enjoying checkers, chess, cards, and more outdoors.
  • Outdoor flat screen for gaming
    A cushy outdoor couch, wireless router, and portable gaming system can keep kids of all ages entertained for hours.

Upping the Ante on Your Game Room Design

To ensure maximum use of your game room, you’ll need more than a couple of tables. Creating a comfortable, fun environment is key to enticing your family outdoors for repeated game room rematches. For an inviting atmosphere, don’t forget to outfit your game room addition with:

  • Ample outlets
    No one wants to hurdle extension cords while playing ping pong. For games that require electricity, have outlets wired in advance.
  • Joint-friendly flooring
    Standing for hours on hard surfaces can sap gaming fun. Choose softer flooring like wood or incorporate cushy floor coverings like rubber mats/pavers, and outdoor carpet to protect weary feet, back, and knee joints.
  • Comfortable seating
    A cushy couch or plush, multifunctional poufs provide an enjoyable place to observe or relax between sets. Pair with a coffee table or side tables, providing a nearby spot to rest beverage and snacks.
  • Flexible shelter
    Putting a roof over your game room allows you to use the space even when weather isn’t ideal, as well as protect furnishings and gaming tables from weather-related wear-and-tear. With the versatile shelter of a StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola, you can enjoy your game room in any weather. Focus on fun – with or without the sun – adjusting the louvers on your custom home pergola to the perfect angle for sun, shade, or rain protection. With built-in pergola accessories like lighting, ceiling fans, infrared patio heaters, and motorized screens for pest protection, you can enjoy your new space day or night, year-round.

Create the ultimate game room in your backyard. Contact Denver Pergola Systems for a complimentary design consultation today.

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Here’s Why You Hate Your Current Patio Shade: The Dreaded Umbrella

patio shadeIs your patio shade dangerous? Unsuspecting homeowners who impulse buy patio umbrellas often do not realize how useless – and hazardous – they are in the Denver area microclimate. Umbrellas result in thousands of injuries each year, from serious injuries to minor wounds that often go unreported.

A Burst of Wind Can Turn a Patio Umbrella Into a Dangerous Projectile 

Most people remain ignorant of umbrella dangers, failing to realize the problems of backyard patio umbrellas until a sudden gust of wind sends one flying. When they sail off into the sunset, the best-case scenario is chasing an umbrella through the neighborhood; the worst case, injury to unsuspecting children or elderly neighbors in the wrong place after an umbrella has been launched.

Umbrella Injuries Are No Laughing Matter 

Patio, beach, and rain umbrella injuries occur more often than people realize. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate over 32,000 umbrella-related injuries nationwide between 2009-2018. Though many of these injuries are minor, some are quite grisly. People have been impaled, lost eyes, suffered brain injuries, and died as a result of flying umbrellas. Because of the frequency and severity of umbrella injuries, studies surrounding their dangers are growing as industries, and national safety groups seek to prevent umbrella-related events.

A Safer Alternative Patio Shade  

Because the jet stream filters strong winds through the Colorado mountains and foothills quite frequently, patio umbrellas are a poor solution for sun and rain protection on your patio. Fortunately, alternatives exist that can manage all the perils of the area climate. StruXure adjustable louvered pergolas are one of the safest backyard shelter solutions on the market, built to survive:

  • High, gusty mountain winds
    Constructed of high-tensile, fully-extruded aluminum, StruXure home pergolas are can easily manage Denver area weather. Structure aluminum pergolas provide the ultimate in weather protection, engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds, heavy snow loads, sleet, and hail, remaining safe and secure.
  • Pop-up thunderstorms & frequent hail
    It is fast and easy to adjust the louvers on your custom aluminum pergola when pop-up thunderstorms chase away the sun. Once louvers are closed, you’ll enjoy leak-free rain protection as the built-in gutters shuttle water away from your patio. With a lightweight but tough design, aluminum pergolas can even stand up to hail, retaining their beauty.
  • Harsh ultraviolet rays
    Colorado’s high altitude sun can quickly destroy unprotected structures and furnishings. With an Akzo Nobel powder-coated finish, StruXure aluminum pergolas can stand up to the harshest outdoor conditions, lasting as long as your home and protecting furnishings housed beneath.

In addition to standing up to the rigors of the Denver area climate, StruXure custom aluminum pergolas also offer smart pergola operation, allowing you to adjust pergola louvers via your smartphone or tablet to respond to changing weather conditions. On the go? Incorporate built-in wind or rain sensors into your motorized pergola system for on-demand response.   

Ensure safe shelter in your backyard with an aluminum louvered pergola. Contact Denver Pergola System to learn more about adding functional, versatile, secure shelter to your patio space today.

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Retrofitting a StruXure Pergola to Your Existing Patio

retrofit a pergolaHow hard is it to retrofit a louvered pergola system to your existing patio? At Denver Pergola, we do this all the time. In fact, 98% of our residential pergola installations are retrofitted to existing homes, rather than newly constructed residences. The process of incorporating a new StruXure adjustable louvered pergola is easy, offering many benefits.

Incorporating a Pergola Into Your Existing Patio Design Adds Value & Function

With strict deadlines and tight budgets, home builders don’t typically put a lot of thought into patios. Even on properties with gorgeous views, they often fail to address the functionality of outdoor spaces. Many quite lovely yards are rendered useless in the afternoon due to the intensity of the sun, turning the home’s location into a negative asset.

When homeowners move in, they often look to simple solutions like patio umbrellas. However, these don’t work in the bright, windy Denver climate, and are frequently seen soaring off like a child’s lost balloon into neighboring yards. Fortunately, with a StruXure louvered pergola, you can address many issues common to the Colorado region:

  • With a louvered roof pergola, you can easily manage the intensity of the afternoon sun.
  • A pergola system with motorized pergola screens is the perfect solution to combat glare from the angle of the rising/setting sun.
  • The interlocking louvers of StruXure aluminum louvered pergolas provide leak-free rain protection, ensuring a space that’s useful despite Denver’s frequent pop-up thunderstorms.
  • Designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, you never have to worry about strong mountain gusts with StruXure aluminum pergola systems.

The Process of Attaching an Aluminum Pergola to Your Home

 Louvered pergola systems are easily attached to your home over your existing patio or deck. Depending on your preferences and county code requirements, we can top mount posts or seamlessly integrate your pergola into the angles of your existing walls or architecture, working around pools, fountains, and other features as necessary. We offer a variety of pergola colors to complement your modern or traditional home design. We can build your home pergola as large as your budget allows to nearly any dimensions.

When fastening your aluminum pergola to stamped concrete, a popular choice, modifications may be required. Concrete must be thick enough to surface-mount the system, requiring a 36-inch case depth (below the frost line) to meet county code requirements.

Straight walls, without “bump-outs,” make it easier to install your pergola system, helping you avoid the need to design your pergola around home extensions. Pergola components are securely attached to the side of your house, using structural supports within the walls of your home, such as studs, every 12-16 inches, according to code. We can work with wood, stucco, and other common building materials, however, installations on brick are not possible. In this case, a freestanding pergola design is necessary.

Freestanding Home Pergola Installations

 Freestanding installations are also easy to accommodate.  In some instances, we can also add a louvered pergola roof to your existing wooden pergola structure, turning the once static, open structure into a flexible shelter that can be opened or closed on-demand to accommodate changing weather.  Your wood pergola must include thick posts and a robust, structurally sound construction to accomplish this. Otherwise, structural improvements or a complete pergola renovation may be required.

Maximize use of every square foot of your home, from indoors to out, with a custom residential pergola. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to schedule a design consultation today.

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Choosing a Ceiling Fan for Your Outdoor Space

ceiling fan for a pergolaWhat size fan do I need for my outdoor space? To determine the best ceiling fan for your deck or patio, you must consider the size of your space, fan size, construction, and style. Learn more about how these facets, and others such as energy efficiency and mounting hardware, can impact the performance of an outdoor ceiling fan from the outdoor living experts at Denver Pergola Systems.

Patio and Ceiling Fan Size Considerations

When selecting a fan for your patio, you want to be sure your chosen fan will be large enough to circulate air through the entire patio. Ceiling fans work differently outdoors, where circulated air is does not bounce back from walls. Thus, choosing a fan about the size of the area you wish to cool is essential. For rectangular areas, multiple fans may be necessary to prevent lapses in coverage.

Patio Design Considerations
When covered patios are screened, the effect of fans will be more powerful, trapping some of the air and bouncing it around the room. If patios are open, however, you’ll want to invest in a high-power fan that can move more air.

Ceiling Fan “Wind Speed”
Be mindful of wind speed data when choosing a fan for your residential pergola. This is not the same as cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). Large fans tend to have a lower wind speed than smaller fans, operating at a lower RPM (rotation per minute) than smaller models. In this scenario, fans will circulate air well, but will not create the strong breeze fans with a higher RPM will.

Ceiling Fan Construction
Because your ceiling fan will be located outdoors year-round, choosing a ceiling fan made of lasting materials is crucial. Options made from aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, and fiberglass are best, as these materials resist corrosion and water damage. A wet-rated outdoor model is also a must. This will ensure safe, lasting operation through any weather, even allowing you to clean your fan with a quick spray of the hose.

Energy Efficiency
A high-powered, Energy Star rated ceiling fan with built-in lighting is a great way to reduce the amount of energy your home uses, keeping your patio cool at a far lower cost than standard models.

Ceiling Fan Styles
After you’ve determined your ideal fan size, next, you must select a fan style that accents the architecture or design theme of your outdoor space. To narrow down your choices, think about your color scheme, décor, and patterns. Then, consider blade shape and number and how these choices will impact your patio and pergola design to ensure a warm, inviting space.

Mounting Hardware
Most ceiling fans hang from a down-rod, installed in locations over 9-feet. A flush-mount outdoor fan, however, can allow you to install a fan at lower heights, under 8-feet.

Because your outdoor ceiling fan will come in contact with water, professional installation is strongly recommended for safety. Fortunately, your ceiling fan can be easily integrated into your StruXure adjustable aluminum pergola design alongside your other favorite pergola accessories by a Denver Pergola Systems professional.

Ensure a well-outfitted outdoor space. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to schedule a complimentary design consultation today.

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The Pros & Cons of Covering Your Patio

Residential pergola patio shadeShould you cover your patio with a shade structure? Adding shelter to your outdoor space can make it more functional, but it comes at a cost. Make the best choice for your home and family, weighing the pros and cons of covering your patio, from flexibility and comfort to cost and design limitations, with the help of outdoor living experts at Denver Pergola Systems.

The Benefits of Covered Patios

In what ways could a residential pergola investment pay off in your backyard?

Flexibility to use your patio in any weather.

With a covered patio, Denver area pop-up showers will never again send you running for cover. You can continue enjoying your outdoor space through the storm until inclement weather passes, just in time for an early evening cocktail, enjoying your outdoor space through the sunshine and rain.
Improved comfort.

With StruXure louvered roof systems, you can quickly adapt to any weather, taking advantage of the sun’s warmth in cooler months, or adjusting louvers to the perfect amount of shade during hot summer afternoons. Integrating outdoor comfort features such as a built-in fan, patio misting system, an infrared heater, or motorized screens can further enhance comfort, increasing your ability to spend more time outdoors.

Patio protection.

Colorado’s high altitude sun and weather can quickly destroy unprotected furnishings and structures. Fortunately, the Akzo Nobel powder-coated finish of StruXure aluminum pergolas can stand up to the toughest outdoor conditions, protecting all things housed beneath, and extending their lifespan. Simply close the louvers on your remote controlled or manual system for shade protection, or program louvers with StruXure’s iLouver app on a schedule, adjusting them to shelter your patio at the hottest and brightest times of the day.

Lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

Most homes have large glass doors or windows looking out onto the patio. These can allow a lot of sun into the interior of the home. With the influx of solar heat, your air conditioner will have to run more to maintain temperature. A StruXure can mitigate heat gain without obstructing your view, providing protection from the sun as needed, dropping the temperature of interior rooms 10-15 degrees in the heat of the day, reducing cooling needs and energy costs.
Added resale value and curb appeal.

A StruXure louvered roof system boosts value and curb appeal, offering a greater return-on-investment compared to wood pergolas. Permanent and extremely long-lasting, they add a unique touch, integrating your outdoor space into the architecture of your home, and increasing usable space to make your home feel larger.

The Drawbacks of Covered Patios

Covered patios are more expensive.

StruXure pergola systems come at a price, from the cost of a small economy car, to the cost of a high-end, luxury car depending on system size and style. This is a double-edged sword, adding to the value of your home, but potentially leading to additional property tax expenses.

Some systems limit flexibility of use.

Though StruXure louvered roof system allows you to open and close louvers with up to 170-degrees of rotational flexibility, traditional fixed roof systems, wooden pergolas, and canopies leave you stuck one way or the other, fully exposed or fully covered. This lack of flexibility can be frustrating on lovely Denver days.
Design limitations. 

StruXure systems come in a variety of standard and custom colors, however, these may not match your tastes or your home’s architectural style. Our more economical options feature a more modern, industrial look, which may not match your preferences. Additional trim options and additions exist to make your system look more like a traditional wooden pergola, such as faux wood and architectural columns, but these come at an added cost.
Space constraints.

People often feel like they have to house everything beneath their pergola. This can lead to a crowded space with limited functionality. Unless you have the budget to make it bigger, you should carefully consider how you are going to use that space primarily and plan accordingly. Is a 12×12 pergola adequate for what you want to have covered? Or is adding another $5k-10 extension worth it for you? Like buying a home, this is a forever project. You are only going to make this investment once, so consider it carefully, and stretch your budget.

Ensure lasting happiness with your patio shelter investment. Contact a pergola design professional at Denver Pergola Systems today.

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StruXure Outdoor Pergolas Makes Entrepreneur Magazine List

StuXture outdoor pergolaStruXure Outdoor, producer of revolutionary outdoor pergolas and accessories, was recently named one of the “best entrepreneurial companies in America.” Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s, StruXure louvered roof systems ranked among the top 100 on the 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List™, coming in at number 81.

StruXure Outdoor Never Stops Innovating

For the past five years, Entrepreneur Magazine has released the list to recognize private companies pushing the boundaries with their innovative ideas, rating them based on their capacity to balance market impact, product innovation, business growth, leadership, and value.

Appearing on the Inc. 5000 list five years running, StruXure Outdoor is one of the fastest-growing privately-held businesses in the U.S., with manufacturing facilities in North Georgia and Nevada. Its dealer network, including our own Denver Pergola Systems, spans from Canada to the Caribbean, providing home and business owners innovative, versatile louvered pergolas and accessories.

Pushing Boundaries

Outdoor shelter solutions such as residential pergolas have increased in popularity across the U.S. in recent years. StruXure pergola designs have come to the forefront of the market, helping homeowners and maximize the use of their patios and decks with cutting-edge pergola designs and technology, including the StruXure Pivot, Pivot XL, and Slide.

What Sets StruXure Apart?

Beautiful, durable, and versatile, the innovative design of StruXure systems allow home and business owners to maximize outdoor enjoyment year-round:

  • Pivot
    Open or close louvers on your pergola roof based on sunlight and weather conditions, dialing in the ideal amount of sunshine, shade, or rain protection with a full 170-degree range-of-motion.
  • Slide
    Enjoy full sky views with the innovative StruXure Slide design.
  • Protect

Safeguard your furnishings from UV exposure and rain, enjoying the benefits of the built-in gutter system of the StruXure Pivot, or the enhanced rainwater management of the Pivot XL.

  • Reduce

Decrease solar heat gain and maintenance, reflecting sunlight for a cooler, more comfortable outdoor space and home with the reflective, easy-care, non-corrosive powder-coated finish of StruXure pergolas in your choice of custom colors.

  • Automate
    Choose from remote control or iLouver app-driven control, incorporating wind or rain-sensing technology for weather-responsive operation.
  • Customize
    Customize your pergola with built-in pot lights, louver lighting, or gutter up lights; incorporate ceiling fans and patio heaters for comfort; or add retractable screens and curtains for pest control and privacy.

Enjoy products and service beyond your expectations. Discover why StruXure pergolas rank high not just on the Entrepreneur Magazine 360 list, but in homes and businesses nationwide. Contact Denver Pergola Systems to learn more today.

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